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Shinsaibashi Grand Hotel Osaka
4.4/52077 Reviews

Shinsaibashi Grand Hotel Osaka

Shinsaibashi/Namba/Yotsubashi Osaka|2.48km from city center
The location is unbeatable, multiple convenience stores around, 7-10min walk to Dotonburi and various stations, lots of restaurants and quiet streets at night time. The hotel also has a cafeteria with free tea, water, melon soda, coca cola and other refreshments that are available 24/7. The room itself is simple but very comfortable and has everything you could need. Rooms are cleaned daily and amenities replenished too, even if you opt out of cleaning by sticking a ”Do not clean” magnet on the door, they then put everything in a bag and hang it on the handle. The staff is mostly professional, speak decent English and the check-in/out process was easy. Where it loses points is due to the following: On one of our big days out exploring, we came back to the hotel at around 8PM. The Front Lobby was filled with a big and disorganised Chinese group/family of 12-16 people who were scattered throughout the lobby. They did not all have a hotel key card, I know this because there was an employee by the escalator using his key on the elevator to send up them to their rooms. So my girlfriend and I got our keys out, got to the front of the other elevator and showed our cards as a way of gesturing if we could go up. The employee rejected us and we got the idea that we had to wait. Now I don't know about you, but I don't see why I need to wait for something that isn't my problem. Their lobby was littered and the tourists were being loud and screaming at eachother from across the room. We were not going to wait. Line them up in front of one elevator and use the other one for people who are entering and exiting, and if no one is entering and exiting, then let them use both elevators. Such unprofessionalism. We decided to leave and go for a walk and kill time at the local convienience store, but it definitely ruined our day and experience with the hotel. Another reason is I asked if they could make a restaurant reservation on my behalf, the bird cafe that I wanted to go to had a registration and booking process that was not friendly for tourists. It required me to write my Japanese Name for some reason, as well as phone number. The hotel said they could not make such reservations for me. I ended up walking in and was lucky it was a weekday and it wasn't as packed. Also be sure to check how many adults is listed on the room you plan to book, I didn't check properly and mine said 1 Adult, even though it fits 2 and the amenities were stocked for 2, this mistake of mine cost me 14,000yen (2000yen a day) because I had my girlfriend with me.

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Osaka Castle Park

KKR Hotel Osaka
4.6/564 Reviews

KKR Hotel Osaka

Osaka Castle/Kyobashi/Eastern Osaka Osaka|0.53km from Osaka Castle Park
I've traveled Japan quite extensively, and so far, this is the one of the best hotel (for it's value) that I've ever stayed in. At first, I had doubts on the hotel location, seeing that I'm travelling with infant and a big luggage, but to my surprise the location is quite convenient. The connection to the subway station and JR station means you can visit almost every tourist attraction in Osaka. Just a few steps from the subway exit, the hotel provides a shuttle bus which operates every 15-minutes. Although, putting big luggage into the minibus was quite a challenge, once seated in the bus you can breathe a sigh of relief. The receptionist speaks English, so the check-in process is quite hassle free. There's a Family Mart behind the hotel in case you are looking for something to eat at night as the area is quite quiet at night. Inside the hotel there are coin operated laundry, vending machine and ice machine so your basic necessities are covered. I stayed in the Superior Room, which is the biggest room they have to offer us there. It was quite spacious and luxurious, and we really enjoyed the bathtub, which was a relief after a few days of staying in small hotel rooms of Kyoto. The view from the room is spectacular. You can continuously enjoy the view of Osaka Castle in the morning and at night. It must have been much more spectacular once the Sakura trees surrounding the castle is in full bloom. The only thing that I could nitpick on the room is that the bed and the pillow should've been as plush as the room. The breakfast menu is not quite extensive, nevertheless it is quite delicious. I will definitely stay in KKR Hotel Osaka again for my next trip.

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Ave Tennoji Hotel
4/535 Reviews
Uehommachi/Tennoji/Southern Osaka
Going abroad to play and want to save money to come to live in this, located in the downtown area of Tianwang Temple, the price of the capsule hotel is cheap, the hotel is clean with a bath and bathrobe, the locker is large, the quality is good, and there are Yoshinojia and Wang will dumplings to eat at night.
The Westin Osaka
4.4/5236 Reviews
The location is quite good. Next to the Umeda Sky Building so it’s easy to find. However it’s a 5-10 min walk to the big department store, but the walk is okay. There is a shuttle bus service which makes it very nice also. The room is quite big and of course everything was nice and clean. The breakfast was amazing! I love the hotel and would stay again!
Hotel Royal Classic Osaka
4.7/5297 Reviews
Hotel just directly at subway. 20 sec from hotel room to subway station. Area has lot of foods and shopping centre.
Hotel Trend Nishi Shinsaibashi
4.2/533 Reviews
America Mura
It's 5 to 10 minutes away from the subway station, so it's very convenient to move around. It was very nice to walk about 5 minutes to Dotonbori. The facilities were very tidy and I could sleep well. Korean guidebooks and English guidebooks are also provided when checking in, so you don't have to know Japanese. The staff also read very much.
Bande Hotel Tempozan-Nishi
4.1/510 Reviews
Osaka Bay
Forgot to take pictures, it only takes 2x minutes to take a tram from Universal Studios. Very quiet, very close to the aquarium. Next to the highway, there may be a sound of vehicles passing by at night. But there is no hot water bottle available, no bubble noodles.
GATE STAY hotel Osaka Namba
4.5/547 Reviews
I chose it because I thought it would be within walking distance to Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, but it would be too noisy if it was too close, but it was a great choice in terms of location! The room was simple but had all the necessities, and the only amenity provided was a toothbrush, but since I'm an eco-friendly person, I was rather impressed! The bed was made by Simmons and was very comfortable. Most of the staff at the front desk are from other countries, but I thought it was amazing that they were fluent in Japanese! Everyone was friendly and it was a fun stay. thank you very much.

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