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5 star

The St. Regis Osaka
4.5/593 Reviews

The St. Regis Osaka

Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi Osaka|0.77km from Utsubo Park Fountain

Latest booking 22 hrs ago

Concierge: We emailed the hotel weeks in advance of our stay to assist with bookings. Weeks would pass before they would respond, and multiple follow up emails were required to get a response. They did successfully book one 3 Michelin star restaurant to which we owe them significant credit. However, when we arrived and asked basic requests such as where to find restaurants or stores, the concierge was usually very short and had no suggestions. We were better off consulting Google maps. And this for a 5 star concierge service? In addition, the English skills of many of the concierge staff were extremely limited. While I know some Japanese, it should not be required at a hotel of this calibre. In fact, when visiting Japan, a 5 star hotel should have fluent English speakers for most front facing staff. Hotel Condition: The hotel has significant and noticeable wear and tear. We were in a Grand Deluxe Suite and when I arrived, a man was literally gluing on a piece of the door that had torn off. The woodwork throughout the suite was heavily scratched and dented including tables. The carpet was worn thin, and the sofa's velvet exterior was worn. In any event, for a hotel suite whose copay was $500+ per night, this was disappointing. Check out Process: The check out process was extremely troubling and disappointing. We asked for a Butler to assist with bags multiple times, and even after 45 minutes they did not come up to our room to collect our bags. This resulted in us having to drag our bags down to the lobby ourselves, as we were rushing for a Shinkansen train. Normally, this would have been fine, but we had a lot of luggage. The significantly wait time for luggage assistance is not characteristic of a St. Regis. Hidden Taxes and No Final Folio Provided: The hotel has some hidden taxes associated with rooms that have copays for upgrades. While we expected to pay 50,000 yen per night + about 37,000 yen in total taxes (about 5600 yen per night in tax), we did not expect too many additional taxes. Yet there was another 6500 or so taxes per night in taxes we were assessed. Even after numerous attempts, the hotel never sent a final folio nor explained the charges which is all I asked. General Impressions: The hotel seems poorly managed with a ”choatic” vibe in which there is not only no personalized guests are vying for the attention for concierge staff who are stretched too thin with minimal English skills. While I understand this is a busy time for the hotel, the hotel should not be having any difficulty meeting basic demands of elite members even when they are at capacity. The hotel felt more like a 3-4 star hotel than a St. Regis. Among St. Regis hotels, this one was a major disappointment.

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Hotel Shiki Utsubo Park
4.8/5117 Reviews

Hotel Shiki Utsubo Park

Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi Osaka|0.45km from Utsubo Park Fountain
This is one of the largest hotel rooms I have stayed in Japan at this price range. The building is small and relatively narrow, bit the room is extremely spacious. I think there are only two rooms per floor. The heat worked very well. There are big windows for plenty of natural light. The only downside is that the door to the (narrow) balcony cannot be opened so you cant step out. Not sure why. The big PLUS was how the Manager, Maeda-san treated us. He was very courteous and helpful with all our requests. We asked him for advice about where to park and he suggested using the coin park across the way that listed a max rate of 1.800JPY per day. We parked the car and did not move it between Jan 2nd and Jan 5th at about 11:00AM. We were expecting to pay 1,800 x 3 = 5,400 JPY. However I was shocked to see the total charge of nearly 16,500 JPY. Apparently the vehicle must be moved everyday to qualify for that 1,800JPY max rate. It certainly wasn't clear anywhere so I complained to Maeda-san. He spent a lot of time on the phone trying to resolve the issue with the parking place (remote management). Unfortunately he could not do anything but promised to resolve the issue and asked me for my mobile number. I wrote this off as ”Gaijin tax” - for not knowing how to read the small print. To my absolute surprise, more than a month later, Maeda san called me and told me that he had negotiated a refund! He asked for my bank info and the parking place refunded 12,000 JPY. I was totally amazed that he had diligently followed on this issue and convinced the parking company to refund the amount. Thank you Maeda-san for your Omotenashi and genuine hospitality. You can be sure we will stay here again when we are in Osaka. Its a great location and the hospitality is TOPS!
Hotel Route-Inn Osaka Honmachi
4.3/584 Reviews

Hotel Route-Inn Osaka Honmachi

Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi Osaka|0.51km from Utsubo Park Fountain
We stayed to participate in Samsoni. In addition to Samsoni participants, it seems to be a place to stay for Samsoni staff, and the staff 々 was arrived by a large bus at midnight. At first, I decided to use the shuttle bus from Cosmo Square Station, and I decided to stay at this hotel near awaza station where I could go without transfer, but I found that the waiting time for the shuttle bus was half-finished. I changed my itinerary from Universal Studios to the venue by taxi and went from awaza station to the venue via the YUME Saki line. On the way back, I didn't catch a taxi from the venue, so I walked about 45 minutes from the venue to the nearest Sakurajima station of Universal Studios and took a transfer from Sakurajima station to awaza station. This route is a hole? Or, I was really saved by sitting on the train for both round trips. It was a cheap plan for check-in after 23 o'clock, so it was just a good time when the live was finished and headed to the hotel. Before the bath, we launched at the takoyaki tavern ”Tsuji” near the hotel, and the public bath can be used until midnight 2, so we were able to heal the fatigue slowly, the public bath is the best! The tavern's cherry blossom family also had a 々 return to Samasoni and was soaked in the afterglow. 5 floor? Or it was a single non-smoking room, but it was comfortable with everything you need in the compact. I used a large bath at night and the next morning, so I didn't use the bath in the room, but Karan and washlet were new and comfortable. There was a large bath and a washroom, the bathtub was large and the dressing room was clean. There is a security box with a card key in the room. The room had both equipped slippers and disposable slippers, which was clean. There is also a window. The buffet breakfast was free, but I had a lunch schedule, so I thought I would eat lightly, but what! I was glad that there was porridge for light people (consideration for hangover people?) (for foreigners?). The stomach was healed by porridge, yogurt and * baking. There were many side dishes, and in the time zone where there were many users, the side dishes were prepared 2 lanes and were able to take the buffet in 2 rows. Breakfast time also decreased to 1 lanes in the latter half. Before check-in, I also had a luggage at the front desk, and I saw other participants in Samasoni painted sunscreen and prepared. The surrounding area is not a busy downtown, but even if you come back tired, you will arrive at the hotel in about 2 minutes walk from awaza station, and there are many convenience stores, so I think it is really convenient. I would like to use it next time I participate in Samasoni in Osaka. Thank you!

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Welina Hotel Premier Nakanoshima East
4.2/5277 Reviews
Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi
Good room, friendly staff, location is great for heart of shinjuku although can hear lots of noise from the street at night.
Cityroute Hotel
4.6/584 Reviews
Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi
The bathroom is relatively small, and it's a bit inconvenient to take things, turn around, and change clothes. The aisle can fully open the 26-inch suitcase. There is a mirror next to the table which is very convenient. The location is a bit awkward, in the middle of two subway stations. It takes 5-6 minutes to walk to either station. It's a residential area nearby, so it's quite quiet. There is a large 7-11 next to it, and there are also some delicious restaurants along the road. not bad. There is a Chinese-speaking front desk, and check-in was smooth. When I check out a little late, I will be told what time I can check out at the latest. It was Women's Day when we stayed, and the decoration in the hotel lobby was very beautiful!
Hotel Yururito Osaka
4.7/551 Reviews
Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi
The hotel is new, with plenty of space, great decoration and great hardware. The pictures on the website are not in kind, it is recommended to retake them. There is a free breakfast, but I didn't eat it, so I can't give good advice. The only drawback is that there are dust in some places, such as on the coffee machine, on the cabinet frame, if the improvement will be good.
hotel androoms Osaka Hommachi
4.1/543 Reviews
Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi
I paid well under one hundred Aud for the room so I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the room. It had everything I required except an in-room safe. I requested a room with a window which I could open. Apparently there are very few rooms available that open - but I did get one - which meant that I was at the back of the hotel very close to the back of the adjacent building - however I preferred that to no fresh air. I am appreciative that the staff met my request. Mattresses are on the raised floor. May be challenging for people who have mobility problems. The mattresses themselves were very comfortable . If you are noise sensitive I suggest you ask for a room away from the elevators . The free set breakfast menu options was quiet limited - and for someone who does not eat meat and bread - a basic fruit bowl was the only option. However for room price I paid, I was happy to buy my breakfast elsewhere. The hotel is in a relatively quiet location - about 30 minute walk to many of the places you'll likely want to visit. I would stay here again if I can get a similar low price.
S-Peria Inn Osaka Hommachi
4.4/5144 Reviews
Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi
Out of 10 points, give it 10 points. Although the triple room is small, it has all the necessary facilities, including a coffee machine. There is an ice machine on the 14th floor and a laundry room on the first floor. Half of the hotel guests are Japanese and half are tourists from other countries. They are all of high quality. The breakfast is delicious. The toiletries are also very safe. The refrigerator is very efficient and can freeze ice cream. It is also very close to Shinsaibashi on foot. I will stay here again next time!
voco Osaka Central, an IHG Hotel
4.5/5284 Reviews
Osaka Station/Umeda/Yodoyabashi/Hommachi
An accident happened before check-in, and the process was quite anxious. Fortunately, it was solved with the help of Ctrip staff. The hotel can still communicate. The location is not far from the subway. It is relatively quiet, especially on weekends. The room is quite comfortable. The restaurant downstairs is doing very well.

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