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Pelham Historical Society Museum

Inn on Boltwood
4.5/5100 Reviews

Inn on Boltwood

Amherst|9.62km from Pelham Historical Society Museum
Honestly, the outside patio and inside common area is beautiful and you couldn't get a better location. You have a park right in front of the hotel with a slight walk (very easy and I was using a cane) you have numerous good restaurants, bookstores and shops. And you are in the heart of Amherst College campus. Upon entering the building you are enveloped by a lovely, subtle New England smell and then you see the fireplace going in the common area. Perfection. And if you are looking for a great drink at the bar, yup they have that. All of the staff were super kind and the bathroom was clean, stylish and comfortable. However, the price is not accurate representation of what you would expect for the quality of the room. Here is my reasoning why. 1. As someone with severe food allergies, I brought the food I could eat with no fridge in the rooms, I lost all of it. Maybe it is available in the larger and more expensive rooms but I didn't think this was something I needed to check because it comes standard in all the other hotels/inn's I've stayed in. 2. In regards to the entertainment in the room, I'm not sure if it was the internet or the remotes but the ease of getting channels to change was frustrating, especially after the seriously slow ”what is playing” scrolling option on the tv. 3. Small Details: when I went to leave I realized there were no mirrors in the room. There was a great mirror in the bathroom, but I couldn't find a mirror in the bedroom itself to check my outfit. I opened the closet door, which was in the small entryway, and there was the mirror. However, this was the darkest area of the room and I had to tuck myself against the wall to see my outfit. I felt like i was in college again with my Target full length over the door mirror. There was def. enough space to place it on a wall so I have no idea why it was placed here other than they didn't want to pay for a nice quality full length mirror to hang. 4. And finally, we come to the bed. While finding the right bed for all the guests is a tricky thing, this bed was not firm or plush, it just felt old. I've traveled a lot and have stayed in many hotels so, I expect a comfortable bed, a fridge, a quick tv/tv remote and a full length mirror as comfort standards for this price point. IMO you are paying for the location vs the room quality.

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