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There are many popular tourist destinations along the coast of the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand, including Phuket Province, Krabi Province, Phang Nga Province, Trang Province, and Satun Province. Among these places, Phuket, most well-developed island, and Koh Lipe are known as some of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. Phuket is home to sandy beaches of several different styles and a quaint, quiet town. Entertainment activities, cabaret shows, elephant rides, and nightlife are the highlights of the island. From Phuket, the surrounding islands and the famous scenic spots of Phang Nga, Phuket's Emperor Island, the Coral Islands, Phang Nga Bay and Smilan Island can all be easily reached.

When compared to Phuket, there are fewer tourists in Krabi. The towns of Krabi and Ao Nang Town both have delicious food and entertainment. The Phi Phi Islands, a favorite snorkeling destination for the Chinese people, are located in Krabi province and are also easily accessible from Phuket. The islands of Koh Lanta and Hong Island are the main places for snorkeling for visitors who are in Krabi. If you want to avoid visitors to the newly developed islands, Trang, to the south of Krabi, has many hidden islands as well. Koh Lipe, which is located in the south of Thailand and near the Malaysian border, is also a good choice. There, the beach has white sands and beautiful blue waters. It’s both suitable for snorkeling and inexpensive.

People who visit generally spend around 5 days in Phuket; 2 days can be spent on the island itself, and the remaining 3 days can be spent on the outlying islands, which are recommended especially to those who are looking to relax. If you prefer peaceful and quiet vacations, Krabi and Koh Lipe are also good places to consider. Phuket is best known for its beaches and varied nightlife. The main attractions include the lively Patong Beach, as well as Hat Kata and Karon Beach. Nightlife here is dominated by lady boy shows, dance performances, and the bar street along the beach. Ko Phi Phi Don, famous due to the film The Beach, is the most famous island on the coast of the Andaman.

There are a variety of hotels on the island, also various water activities including diving, canoeing and cliff diving. The bar also features rich nightlife. Ko Phi Phi Don is also the starting place for day trips to Phi Phi Islands and other nearby islands. Emperor Island is a newly developed island in Phuket with a notably beautiful environment. The sea and the beach are relatively untouched and suitable for snorkeling and deep sea diving. There are only a few high-end hotels on the island. The island is a good place to escape the huge crowds of tourists and enjoy diving to the greatest extent.

Phuket is located in the Andaman Sea and is divided into the summer (November-April) and rainy (May-October) seasons. The hot and dry summer is suitable for island trips. From December to January is the holiday season and Phuket's peak tourism season. During this time, prices for all sorts of commodities soar. If visiting during the holidays, it’s necessary to book Phuket hotels and transportation in advance. The huge waves and strong winds brought by the monsoons in the rainy season have the potential to make swimming in the sea dangerous and some attractions may even be closed. Phuket has a relatively high temperature throughout the year, and it’s even higher during the period from November to April. The daytime temperature is basically around 37 degrees. In addition to summer clothes such as short sleeves and shorts, you might want to also consider bringing a thin coat to protect yourself from the sun and cold in air-conditioned places.

Phuket has a fascinating tropical landscape and tons of options for tourists. An interesting fact is that it’s also known the pearl of the Andaman Sea. There are a wide range of options for hotels in Phuket ranging from low-cost hostels to luxury resorts with private beaches. Among Phuket's three most famous beaches, Patong Beach is an area which features entertainment, shopping and dining, making it the first choice of many. Karon Beach in the immediate vicinity and Hat Kata in the south are quieter and have many high-end hotels. There are several small beaches in the northwest of Phuket, making it an ideal location for tourists who favor quiet island-style resorts or luxury hotels with detached villas. The city of Phuket is an excellent place to experience the local style and many budget hotels in Phuket are located there.

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