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Quy Nhon Center Hotel
4.2/52 Reviews
Just beautiful. There will also be cleaning every day. The staff are efficient and kind. English is difficult to communicate, but you can use Google Translate etc. without any problems. I will now make a reservation for an extended stay. The front desk is on the 1st floor (2nd floor in Japan), but there is an elevator if you enter from the left side of the stairs.
Galaxy Hotel
4.2/510 Reviews
The hotel is newly build. It's located on Nguyen Lac, the small street right behind Xuan Dieu street. The staff are friendly, helpful and informative. Mr. Tien Toan is very friendly and helpful. The hotel is very clean and spacious, comfortable, nearby the Street of PHO AN UONG. You can find food in the late evening until midnight. Good location and the beach at this block is quite clean. I would recommend this hotel to everyone.
Mento Hotel Quy NHON
4.1/55 Reviews
Our family stayed here for one week. The staff at the hotel were very friendly, especially the front desk. The buffet breakfast was decent. There were several things we were not happy about and hope that the hotel will work to improve it. One problem is that the hallways on each floor is an open-air concept, so noise from the busy street gets echoed throughout the hotel. We were there during the end of the wet season so it rained quite a bit, allowing mosquitoes to come in. The hotel is on the corner of a busy street and near some karaoke bars so there was loud music playing every night until midnight. The open-air concept definitely doesn’t help block out the noise. The second problem is the smoking. For some reason the hotel allows guests to smoke inside. There are ashtrays in every room. On many nights the smell of cigarette smoke from other rooms travelled to our rooms through the air vents. It was very unpleasant. Housekeeping was also interesting. One morning they knocked on the door at 7am to clean our room but we were still asleep. The service should be improved. One of our rooms had ants so rooms had to be changed. This service needs improvement as rooms aren’t really cleaned every day. Overall because this is a fairly new hotel it definitely still needs some work. Hope this review helps management improve the service.
Green Park Hotel Quy Nhon
2.1/52 Reviews
Yes, close to the park, health, cost-effective, stayed here for 4 days. There are not many tourists in this city, and it is quieter than the noisy bays of Nha Trang in Da Nang, so it is recommended.
Nhatui Share Quy Nhon Serviced Apartment
4/52 Reviews
Отель чистый, недалеко от пляжа, большая комната, есть возможность готовить. Единственное может быть шумно, так как проживание в семье с маленькими детьми, а звукоизоляция отсутствует. Также на кухне может не быть нормальной посуды для готовки.
Lux Quy Nhon Homestay
4.4/51 Reviews
No complain

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