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Overshadowed by its popular neighbors like Pattaya and the Koh islands, Rayong city used to be a compact fishing town on the East coast of the Gulf of Thailand, now serving as the capital of Rayong province, acting as a hub connecting the many villages and islands in the area. It is less 'touristy' than most other cities, meaning that you can have an authentic, local experience here.

Rayong attractions include several pristine beaches that are less crowded than others in Thailand. With its surrounding greenery, local markets, and busy nightlife, it makes for a great pit stop for travelers exploring the coast. Close to many tourist attractions, staying options among the Hotels in Rayong are of a broad range perfect for travelers of all needs and budgets. You get all this here without the tourist frenzy and jostle.

Rayong, much like the rest of the country, can be visited at any time of the year, although the cool, dry season from November to March is the most popular season for tourists. Rayong city and province tends to have a coastal, humid climate throughout the year. The rainy season (July -September) is the least crowded time because rain can make things chaotic, although the countryside will be at its most green and beautiful at this time.

Airport in Rayong

Getting from Rayong to U-Tapao- Rayong-Pattaya International Airport involves a short 40-minute drive from the main city center. You won't have trouble finding taxi services or renting a car out to transfer you to your hotel or the city. This is the closest airport to Rayong city and serves the entire province, including nearby Pattaya. If you are flying into Bangkok, it will take about 2-hours to reach Rayong by car.

Transportation in Rayong

Renting a vehicle or hiring a cab for the duration of your stay can be a very convenient option. Some of the standard forms of transport at hand are songtaews, tuk-tuks, public busses, motorbike, and taxis. Locals use songtaews, which are like open minibusses (like an extended tuk-tuk), to get around the city and close by attractions. As a tourist, it is always useful to keep cash handy, as you will need them if you use any of the local transport facilities. Loose cash will also come in handy if you need to pick up snacks or small knick-knacks from local vendors.

How to get to Rayong

Several Eastern carriers like Air Asia, Azur Air, Bangkok Airways, Nordwind Airlines, Pegas, Thai Lion Air, and Thai Vietjet Air fly into U-Tapao- Rayong-Pattaya International Airport (UTP or simply U-Tapao). Depending on where you are flying in from, you might not have direct access to the U-Tapao Airport, but Bangkok would be a close and convenient option. You can rent a car here or hire a cab to drive you to and from Rayong. The flight rates are going to vary depending on the duration between booking date and travel date and overall demand.

How much are hotels in Rayong 

Here is a guide on what to expect when you book Rayong hotels.

  • 5-star hotel prices: These are the most expensive Rayong hotel deals. Upwards of (2500 USD) per night, most of these luxury resorts are outside the main city, and many are right on Ko Samet Island.
  • 4-star hotel prices: There are several comfortable options in the range (1400 - 2500 USD), all centrally located, although beach-side options are also available.
  • 3-star hotel prices: These are very reasonable Rayong hotels available at less than half the price of the 5-stars in the range (800 - 1400 USD), suited to most budgets, and providing all the basic amenities you will need. 
  • 2-star hotel prices:  For budget travelers, cheap hotels in Rayong city center abound. Priced around (600 USD) per night and under, these are very basic hotels which can be convenient for a night or two.

If you would like to stay away from the city center or have any special requirements, you can consider specialty B&Bs or homestays scattered along the outskirts.

Rayong tourist information

Top tourist attractions in Rayong

Rayong is all about a relaxed ambiance untouched by commercial tourist businesses where you can take in the local culture with all the conveniences you will need for an enjoyable stay. 

  • Let's talk about beaches, which are the biggest draw for foreign tourists and Thai locals alike. The island of Ko Samet, with its blue waters and fine sands, is a 45-minute ferry ride that is completely worth it. If you aren't keen on taking the ferry ride, other beaches like Laem Mae Phim and Mae Rumphueng are also excellent options. 
  • If you're quite interested in things to do in Rayong beyond beaches, the local Rayong Aquarium will come as a pleasant surprise, offering a lot more than you would expect and perfect for afternoons when the beach is too hot to visit.
  • The Mangrove Research Center is one among a couple of mangrove parks in and around the city and doubles up as a garden, where you can take lovely walks on the elevated walkways and take in aerial views of the lush surroundings. 

Top food places in Rayong 

The Rayong province is famous for its seafood and fresh produce. Far from the usual tourist bustle, you will get to spend time sampling local cuisine and enjoy some quality dining.

  • If you visit Mae Rumphueng beach, you can check out the famous Tamnanpar Restaurant, called The Classic Forest Restaurant, which has a lovely jungle setting amid streams and lush greenery. Other beach shacks are worth exploring as well.
  • For the adventurous traveler, a seasoned joint that is popular with locals is the centrally located Naidol Makham Thao.
  • Terra Cotta is a trendy restaurant worth trying out, as it is known for its local food as well as pastries. If you want some change from local food, there are German, Korean, Indian, and Japanese joints, which can all be found in and around the city.

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