Popular 3-Star Hotels in Saipan

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  • What are the most popular 3-Star hotels in Saipan?

    Whether you're traveling for business or going on vacation, there are many popular 3-Star hotels to choose from in Saipan. Holiday Saipan Hotel is a popular 3-Star hotel to stay at.

  • How much do 3-Star hotels in Saipan cost?

    Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night for hotels in Saipan is USD 115. 3-Star Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

  • How much do 3-Star hotels in Saipan cost on the weekend?

    Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night on the weekend for hotels in Saipan is USD 115. 3-Star Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

  • When booking a 3-Star hotel in Saipan, what are the most popular areas to stay in?

    When visiting Saipan, many travelers choose to stay at 3-Star hotels in the following areas: Garapan .

Saipan 3-Star Hotel Guide

Saipan is located in the Northern Mariana Islands and is an overseas territory of the United States. An island, it has a subtropical oceanic climate that is hot all year round, with an average annual temperature of 27-32°C. Saipan’s rainy season lasts from July to November and the dry season spans from December to June. Generally speaking, the dry season is Saipan's peak season for tourism, when there is less rainfall and weather suitable for outings. The rainy season is the off-season and the rainfall have the potential to interfere with outdoor travel plans, but travel expenses are a bit lower than during peak season.

There are many types of hotels in Saipan, from quiet and comfortable to spacious and high-class, there are even hotels for backpackers. It is recommended to choose a hotel facing the sea in order to enjoy the spectacular views. In the morning after having breakfast at a seaside restaurant, visitors can enjoy one of the island’s private beaches or head to a relaxing spa by the sea. Saipan has gorgeous sunsets, so make sure you don’t miss out! Later in the evening, visitors can have a barbecue on the beach and watch dance performances by the local Chamorro people. The coconut trees, clear waters, and soft beaches are comparable to those in Southeast Asia, and there are numerous water activities to take part in as well. Saipan is a holiday paradise for honeymooners and families alike.

Saipan and Tinian are the two largest islands in the Northern Mariana Islands. The islands face the Philippine Sea to the southwest and the Pacific Ocean to the northeast. Mañagaha is located northwest of Saipan and can be reached by a 10-minute boat ride. The entire island is surrounded by beaches with white sand and the surrounding sea changes colors because the coral reefs reflect the sunlight. The island is full of green tropical plants and the water is very clear. When in Sapian, divers have the opportunity to see a large sunken ship covered by colorful corals. The Blue Hole is a natural cave in the Pacific Ocean in the northeastern part of Saipan. It was ranked as the second largest cave diving spot in the world by Diver magazine. There are also natural stalactites in the cave, adding to its uniqueness and beauty. Bird Island is located in northeast of Saipan, not far from the Blue Hole. It’s a great place to watch sunrises, and, like its name suggests, birds. Located 6 kilometers south of Saipan, Tinian is the second largest island in the Northern Mariana Islands and is the location where the American military loaded atomic bombs during World War II. Today, Tinian is famous for its modern hotels and casinos.

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