Popular 2-Star Hotels in San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most popular 2-Star hotels in San Francisco?

    Whether you're traveling for business or going on vacation, there are many popular 2-Star hotels to choose from in San Francisco. The Wharf Inn is a popular 2-Star hotel to stay at.

  • How much do 2-Star hotels in San Francisco cost?

    Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night for hotels in San Francisco is USD 119. 2-Star Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

  • How much do 2-Star hotels in San Francisco cost on the weekend?

    Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night on the weekend for hotels in San Francisco is USD 149. 2-Star Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

  • When booking a 2-Star hotel in San Francisco, what are the most popular areas to stay in?

    When visiting San Francisco, many travelers choose to stay at 2-Star hotels in the following areas: San Francisco Downtown .

San Francisco 2-Star Hotel Guide

San Francisco is located in northern California. Second only to New York, it is the second largest city in terms of population density in the United States and an important military and trade port. San Francisco is well-known, so visitors may be surprised to learn that California’s state capital is actually Sacramento. San Francisco is one of the main three cities with ports of entry on the west coast of the United States. It is the first stop in the United States for many overseas tourists, and for this reason, their first impression of the city is also their first impression of the country.

Despite this, however, those who have visited San Francisco will find it very different from most American cities. History has created its uniqueness, that is, openness and diversity. The San Francisco area was settled during the Gold Rush in the 19th century. Over the past two centuries, immigrants from all over the world have poured into the city and brought their own culture, beliefs and food with them. Today, San Francisco can be said to be the most avant-garde, and open-minded city in the United States. Its tolerance is also the best embodiment of the melting pot of American culture. Since it is often visited by tourists, you may be familiar with San Francisco’s classic attractions even if you haven’t been there. Tourists can visit iconic attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, and Union Square. You can also take one of the city’s famous cable cars to the Fisherman's Wharf where many seafood restaurants can be found. Tourists often also like to catch a glimpse of the sea lions that live near the wharf.

In the past, San Francisco was famous for its history and landscapes. The Silicon Valley located nearby is famous for high-tech innovation. In recent years, its openness and diversity have attracted many creative young people. Along with UC Berkeley and Stanford University, many high-tech IT companies and biopharmaceutical companies have also established headquarters in San Francisco. The city is changing and developing, and everyone who comes can feels its vitality. The San Francisco peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides and is affected by the cold currents of the Pacific Ocean. The city has a Mediterranean climate with an average annual temperature of 13-24°C.

San Francisco is generally suitable for tourism throughout the year. There are various discounted shopping promotions at the end of November each year beginning around the time of Thanksgiving and lasting through December. The best time to enjoy seafood is from November to June each year. Hotels in San Francisco are relatively concentrated. Most tourists will choose to stay in the vicinity of Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf, which are not only convenient but also have a variety of attractions. In addition, there are also many good hotels in the South Market, Chinatown, and Financial District areas to choose from.

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Hotels in San Francisco Reviews

San Francisco Downtown
4.4/514 Reviews
San Francisco Downtown
4.1/511 Reviews
South of Market
4.5/5196 Reviews
Sunset District
3.4/514 Reviews
Fisherman's Wharf
4.2/5123 Reviews