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Carrot Hostel
4.1/526 Reviews
The single room is very comfortable, a person is very just a space, only five steps from the subway station, the room is also very comfortable, the toilet hot water is also very strong, the washing is super comfortable! However, the toilet door is not sealed, and the water is easy to flow out of the room when taking a bath. Except for this, everything else is excellent.
Kim Stay Guest House Seoul
3.8/50 Reviews
Good place ・ Location is the best. You can walk to Nashidai (a place where you sell clothes). It is also close to Myeongdong. Close to Seoul Station. There are various shops near this guesthouse that sell chicken shops, MUJI and cosmetics. ・ Electric futon in bed! ! In November in Korea, the temperature was a single digit and the night was especially cold, so I slept comfortably. ・ There are also WiFi, ChampLinse, hair dryer and refrigerator even though the accommodation cost is so low. ・ All-you-can-drink water and hot water with a water server ・ I thought the double bed was cheap and small, but it was surprisingly okay. Even if two people sleep, it is not narrow. ・ There is a large mirror in the room. ・ If you just sleep at the guest house, there is no problem. ・ Administrator? Relatively polite response Check-in time until 22:00? So I contacted me in advance that I wouldn't be on time for the flight, but we arrived at 3 o'clock on the day and the entrance was locked. There was a piece of paper on the entrance of the guest house, and it said that I would call me when I arrived in English. When I called, I told me the key number at the entrance and put it in safely. (I couldn't communicate in Japanese, only English.) * The entrance of the guest house has a key panel, so be careful as the key will close and you will not be able to enter after 22:00! ! We were given the key panel number so we used it normally when we returned after 22:00. bad place ・ The bathroom door does not close! (Glass door) → There is no damp leakage & ventilation fan in the room. Window only. There are two windows, but they can't ventilate so much when opened and it's cold. The walls cool down in winter and get wet with condensation. ・ Drainage is very bad. Once you take a shower, the bathroom floor is full of water for quite some time. → Slippers for bath cleaning etc. are available. ・ Toilet and shower are at the same place. No partitions. I can't go to the toilet if my friend uses one. ・ The entrance of the guest house is difficult to understand. I feel there was only a signboard before the entrance. Because there is an entrance between buildings, it was a bit scary because a little worried man or woman became a hangout while smoking a cigarette. ・ Only one thin futon. It's warm because there is an electric blanket. ・ The towels are only small. There is no bath towel size. Toka Toka later,, When you sleep at night, you can hear the snoring of the next person or the person on the lower floor quite a bit. ? For breakfast, corn flakes, bread in a tapper, milk and juice are put in front of the management room on the first floor, and they are taken by themselves and eaten. There are plates and spoons. Because the room is small, I don't think the suitcase can be expanded. It is better to go with a big rucksack. The location is the best and the electric blanket is warm because of this cheapness ... I think the only problems are the poor drainage of the bath and the moisture problem! Overall good at all! ! This is a recommended guesthouse.
Sinchon Lexy
3.2/515 Reviews
It was close to Sinchon Station and it was nice that all the rooms and bathrooms inside the building were cleaner than I expected. I'm a country guy, but I'm having a good rest.
Sinchon Jade
2.8/57 Reviews
It was clean and nice.
Hotel Lassa
3.6/511 Reviews
The soundproofing is not good, the door next door is a bit like opening your own door, and there is always a buzzing sound like the exhaust air of the toilet, but in fact the exhaust air of the toilet is not opened, it seems to come from the toilet , Well, I don’t know if there is a window that can be seen from the outside and cannot be seen from the inside. I was a little worried when I took a shower. I couldn’t close the curtains. Just look at the picture. For people with sensitive voices, it’s really not very friendly. I stayed for three days and stayed for two days but didn’t sleep well... I rarely write reviews, but I feel that if I saw my own reviews before, I might not be sure, so I wrote Up.
Sinchon Cindy
3/51 Reviews
The location is good but the hotel is boring, the furniture is very old, nexflit can't watch, the room is premium but very small, far from the advertised photo

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