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Sillim Dominique Hotel
3.7/510 Reviews
It was rather good because it was not a motel village. If you prefer a tidy place or if you ask for a hostel with your friends, you can come here from Shinrin Station. There is also a rooftop where you can feel the camping atmosphere (paid)
Sillim Urban Hotel&Golf
3.8/56 Reviews
Very nice hotel with a lot of space. Although the subway is more than ten minutes away. But the bus is very convenient to come from the bus terminal. There are many restaurants and restaurants around, convenient life and affordable prices.
CS Premier Hotel
3.9/542 Reviews
I stayed for 4 nights and it was nice to see that it was thoroughly cleaned every time! Amenities will be given to you at the front desk upon check-in. The amenities included a comb, toothbrush, razor, towel, cotton swabs, hair tie, and soap. The front desk staff could speak Japanese, so I felt safe. The room had a good view from the 10th floor and I could even see airplanes. There is also a convenience store and Daiso nearby, so it's a good place to buy souvenirs. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to walk from the nearest station, but it is easy to find as you can arrive by walking straight.
Trang Blue Hotel
4/529 Reviews
The little brother at the front desk is not very polite. Although he doesn't have to be polite to the passengers, he still needs to have basic qualities and at least not show an impatient expression in the service industry. The overall environment is actually okay, but the hygiene needs to be paid attention to. The dust on the table and bedside should be wiped off, and there are blood drop-like stains on the top of the head of the room I live in. Although I am not sure if it is food, or there is an accident, but in short It looked very scary, so I didn't fall asleep at all~ Because of the epidemic, I couldn't travel, so I occasionally went to the hotel as a travel to rest. But this time it was really normal. Everyone is working hard in the current economic downturn, but some basic attitudes are still required. thanks
Sillim Castle
3.7/511 Reviews
Good value motel, decent location short walk from metro, convenience store and coffee. My room was perfectly reasonable, bedding a little thin but everything worked. 24 hour service it seemed
Sillim View Motel
3.2/51 Reviews
It's not along a big road, but it's easy to understand with a big sign. There is no elevator. If you stay consecutive nights, you can get a new towel if you tell the staff.

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