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The Puli Hotel and Spa
4.7/53249 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road
Rewarded myself to a treat here as I stayed 2 nights in Puli and it was an awesome stay for me. The staff are incredibly warm and hospitable. The breakfast was also amazing at the Phenix. Decor wise although the fitting does seem alittle worn out but it was not a deal breaker. Love the open layout of the rooms as well!
Swissotel Grand Shanghai
4.6/54481 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road
Everything was perfect except, upon arrival to our room there was a notice on the table which said the swimming pool would be under maintenance the following day for one week. If you want a hotel with a swimming pool, always call the hotel first to confirm the pool is open since there will be no notice via the trip app before you book or after you book.
4.7/51 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road
The room facilities are very new, the location is very good, the traffic next to it is very convenient, there are several shopping malls next door, it is convenient to eat and buy things, you can go to the cafe in Zhang Ailing's former residence, the landlord beauty responded quickly, especially satisfied with the washing machine in the room, with drying is very convenient, I will come to live in Shanghai later.
Yan An Hotel
4.5/55071 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road
After checking in, we need to carry our luggage to another separate building. I fell and twisted my ankle while going down a very dark stairs outside the main building. The staff could not speak English and not helpful when we asked for the first aid. Finally, they found someone who can buy us an elastic bandage or ice pack. This helps a lot for the rest of our trip which involved a lot of walking. It is close to metro station, but needs to walk at least 400 m underground to the train and many nic nearby shopping malls The family room is nice and cozy. It is cleaned everyday and provided with bottled water.
Paramount Gallery Hotel
4.6/5804 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road
Very comfortable bed and good size room. Unfortunately my room stank of cigarette smoke. I believe it was travelling up through the floor as even when I opened the window for a couple of hours, the smell was just as strong. All my clothes stank of cigarettes as a result for the whole weekend. For this reason, I won’t return.
Jing'an Shangri-La West Shanghai
4.7/53222 Reviews
Jing'an District/West Nanjing Road
You get what you pay for at the ShangriLa, first class everything. The 56th floor has a great view of the city. For even just one night it's the best and close to everytjing you want in JingAn.

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Shanghai Travel Guide

Unveiling the Enigmatic Charm of Shanghai: A Must-Experience Delight

Shanghai, a metropolis where old-world charm merges seamlessly with modern marvels, offers an array of unique experiences that are bound to captivate any visitor. Embark on a journey through time as you stroll along the historical Bund, where stunning colonial architecture stands tall against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers. Explore the enchanting Yuyuan Garden, a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city, renowned for its classical Chinese design and serene atmosphere.

Encounter the vibrant pulse of Shanghai's nightlife as you wander through the neon-lit streets of Xintiandi, a trendy district brimming with stylish bars, restaurants, and boutiques housed in charming Shikumen-style buildings. Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending a captivating traditional Chinese opera performance at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, where ancient tales come to life on stage.

Convenient Locations for First-Time Visitors

The Bund: A picturesque waterfront area offering stunning views of the city skyline and iconic landmarks.

Nanjing Road: China's premier shopping street, lined with a plethora of stores, malls, and luxury boutiques.

Xintiandi: A trendy entertainment district with a blend of traditional Shikumen architecture and modern establishments.

Yu Garden: A peaceful retreat showcasing classical Chinese gardens, intricate pavilions, and charming tea houses.

Oriental Pearl Tower: An architectural marvel that provides unparalleled panoramas of Shanghai from its observation decks.

Tianzifang: A labyrinth of narrow alleyways bursting with quirky shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes.

Better to Know Before Visiting Shanghai

Before embarking on your Shanghai adventure, it's essential to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, obtaining a valid Chinese visa is necessary for most international visitors. Additionally, ensuring you have a reliable translation app or phrasebook can greatly facilitate communication with locals, as English proficiency may vary.

It's worth mentioning that carrying a small amount of Chinese currency (renminbi) in cash is advisable, as not all establishments accept international credit cards. Lastly, familiarize yourself with basic cultural customs, such as respecting personal space and removing your shoes when entering certain establishments.

Effortless Transportation in Shanghai

Shanghai boasts a well-connected transportation system that ensures hassle-free exploration of the city. Upon arrival at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, travelers can conveniently access the city center via the high-speed Maglev train or opt for a taxi service.

For those arriving by train, Shanghai Railway Station and Hongqiao Railway Station serve as major transportation hubs. The extensive metro network, spanning across the city, offers a cost-effective and efficient means of getting around, connecting popular attractions and neighborhoods. Additionally, abundant taxi services and ride-hailing apps provide convenient transportation options tailored to individual preferences.

Indulge in Shanghai's Culinary Delights and Dazzling Entertainment

Shanghai is a culinary paradise where food lovers can savor an array of delectable flavors. Delight your taste buds with the iconic xiaolongbao, steamed soup dumplings filled with savory goodness, or indulge in mouthwatering local dishes such as "lion's head" meatballs and "beggar's chicken."

After satiating your appetite, immerse yourself in Shanghai's vibrant nightlife scene. From trendy rooftop bars with awe-inspiring views to lively jazz clubs and traditional tea houses, Shanghai offers an abundance of entertainment options to suit every taste.

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