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Shangri-La is located in the “Great Triangle” area of Yunnan, Sichuan, and Tibet in the northwest of Yunnan Province. It is located in the heart of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The word “Shangri-La” first appeared in the book “Lost Horizon”. It means “sun and moon in the heart” in Tibetan and was described as "a paradise" for its pristine beauty. Shangri-La has breathtaking snow-capped mountains, deep canyons, flying waterfalls, serene lakes surrounded by forests, herds of cattle and sheep in beautiful meadows, clear skies, regal temples and is populated by honest Kham Tibetans. Shangri-La County has 4 towns under its jurisdiction (Jiantang, Xiaozhongdian, Hutiaoxia and Jinjiang) and 7 townships (Shangjian, Sanba Naxi Township, Luoj, Nix, Gezan, Dongwang and Wujing). Tourists visiting Shangri-La are generally directed to the ancient city of Dukezong in Shangri-La County. Other main attractions include Songzanlin Lamasery, Tancheng Square, Baiji Temple and Shambhala Tibetan Culture Museum. In addition, Diqing Prefecture has a large geographical area with scattered attractions. Although the attractions are relatively far from each other, they are situated along the No.213 National Highway. In the suburbs of Shangri-La County, there are Napa Lake (Yila Grassland) and Potatso National Park, the world-famous Tiger Leaping Gorge in Qiaotou Town, Jinsha River Moon Bay and Dongzhulin Temple at the foot of Baima Snow Mountain. Past the White Horse Snow Mountain is the Deqin County where Kawagarbo, the head of the eight holy mountains in Tibet is situated. Mingyong Glacier, Xidang Hot Spring, Yubeng Village, Sacred Waterfall and Ice Lake all surround the foot of the mountain.

Shangri-La’s accommodation can fulfill the requirements of all tourists with various hotels and guesthouses. Most hotels in Shangri-La are near the Tuanjie Road and Beimen Street within Shangri-La County. The original old city area was transformed into an area for hotels and bars, similar to Lijiang. A typical budget for accommodation is about RMB 200-600. Accommodation tips: in Shangri-La, most inns only use solar water heaters, so it is recommended to shower by 18:00. The hot water will be used up by evening making bathing unfeasible. There are many tourists visiting Shangri-La to watch the snow during the Spring Festival. However, many inns and restaurants will closed during this period. Therefore, it is therefore advisable to book a room in advance. Because the winter weather is very cold, it is recommended to choose an inn with air conditioning or heating facilities. When camping on grassland during the summer, be sure to light a bonfire.

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Dukezong Ancient City
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Napa Sea Scenic Area
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Dukezong Ancient City
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Dukezong Ancient City
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Dukezong Ancient City
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