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4.2/5Very Good10 Reviews
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4.7/5Outstanding11 Reviews
여태 간 호텔 중 가성비 갑 베스트 오브 베스트위치는 올드퀘백에서 차로 15분 이지만, 렌트카 이용한다면 더없이 좋은 장소일 것입니다.너무 깨끗하고 넓은 방, 그리고 부대시설까지 단점이라면 호텔이 너무 편해서 하루 종일 안나가게 됬다는점..추가로 숙박할 정도로 너무 좋았습니다.리버뷰가 예술이에요.
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4.3/5Excellent14 Reviews
The hotel is not big, but it is comfortable to live and is easy to drive.
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4.6/5Outstanding17 Reviews
Hotel parking is very convenient. We drive by car. So there is no sense of distance. I feel that the location is not far. Nice hotel. The front desk is very nice. The room is large. The bed is also comfortable.
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4.1/5Very Good11 Reviews
Downtown Montreal is convenient. Hotel staff is also very good in English.
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