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Xiangxuehai Hotel (Suzhou Youlian)
4.9/5958 Reviews

Xiangxuehai Hotel (Suzhou Youlian)

South Bus Station District Suzhou
Serve: The first step is to make a big boasting move! As someone who is taking the postgraduate entrance examination, I booked a hotel long in advance. In December, I found that the price was even lower than when I booked it in advance. Hahaha, it can be said to be a very conscientious hotel. It is in sharp contrast to other hotels where the price is doubled before the entrance examination. Compared. Then let’s talk about the experience in detail: Before I checked in, the receptionist called me to ask if I was taking the postgraduate entrance examination, and told me that they would arrange for us to be on the same floor, which would be quieter and have a good rest at night. He also said that if breakfast was available If necessary, they will help us make arrangements in advance. Usually breakfast is from 6:30 to 9:30, which is completely enough, but it is really rare to have such thoughtfulness and meticulousness. When I checked in, the receptionist not only helped me upgrade for free (from superior room to executive suite!) but also helped me carry my luggage upstairs. When I checked in, I was given a small prayer card limited to those taking postgraduate entrance examinations with my room card. The driver I had arranged for on the day of check-out arrived late. He had already checked out and took the initiative to renew my stay for a while and let me go back to the room to rest. Take the initiative to help customers solve their problems, 💎💎💎💎💎 level of service~ facility: 🛁: I chose this hotel just for the bathtub hehe~~The size is also very suitable, and the water temperature is always set just right, not too hot but hot enough to soak in for twenty minutes. When the back of the book was numb, I stuffed myself into the water ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ🎶! 🚽:Smart toilet! There are cleaning and deodorizing ones, but the most practical one for me is the heating washer. No need to accept the test of the Frozen Throne hahaha 🧴: It has a light and elegant scent of lavender, and it is mild and non-irritating. It feels better than the white company product I used during the holidays. It focuses on being elegant and gentle. The shower gel is easy to rinse and the conditioner is neither oily nor drying. 💡: The lighting is bright, and there is a special writing table with a suitable height. Because the lamp on that piece is placed above the head, there is also a small desk lamp to fill in the light. 🌪️: The hair dryer is a Dyson hair dryer. Hey, it has enough wind and won’t damage your hair. Hygiene: The room service aunt will clean it carefully every day! I'm a little embarrassed because I like to sleep in a ball on the bed, haha~ and I will choose a time to go there that won't disturb us. Environment: The environment should be discussed in conjunction with the hotel design. The design of the lobby is very particular. It not only conforms to the design concept but also has a Feng Shui layout. The lobby is furnished with mahogany furniture. As a first-class unregistered architect and a traditional lover, this appeals to me~ The guest rooms also have a low-key and luxurious layout. From the details, it can be seen that some of the hard furnishings in the guest rooms have been used for a long time, but the cleaning is really clean, and the certain sense of use makes people feel like traces of time. All in all, I have become a big fan of this place! Come again next time! ! 🌟🌟🌟

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Shantang Street

Floral Hotel·Royal Garden Suzhou
4.5/5302 Reviews

Floral Hotel·Royal Garden Suzhou

Shi Road/Shantang business district Suzhou|0.23km from Shantang Street
A very satisfying stay experience. The hotel I chose has an excellent location. It is right at the entrance on the other side of the river on Shantang Street. The transportation is very convenient. It is about 500 meters away from the subway station and bus station and across the bridge. It is said to be a hotel, but in fact This hotel is managed like a B&B. There is a tea bar and a place for chatting on the first floor, as well as a courtyard. The rooms are all on the second floor. The space is very large and the air conditioning is centralized. If you book a garden view room, you can see the scenery. The whole building is relatively clean and refreshing, with a Suzhou garden style. In addition, the hotel's service is also good. They will contact you in advance to inform you how to arrive and what to pay attention to. Shantang Street is really crowded at night on weekends, but the lights and night view are also beautiful. I think To take landscape photos, it is recommended to go in the morning the next day. It is easiest to take photos at this time. Some people worry that such a busy hotel will be noisy. In fact, it feels good in the room. You can't hear the noise outside. The hotel is well soundproofed. In addition, there is a river at the door of the hotel. There are several bars and music halls nearby, and Chinese food is also available. I recommend ”Chujian Shantang”. The food tastes good and the price is not bad. However, if you want to have breakfast, it is recommended to cross the main road at the exit of the scenic spot. Come on, the shops in the scenic area don’t open until at least 9 o’clock. Crossing the road and walking along the street is the local market. There are many specialties and Suzhou delicacies. In addition, there is a Pingtan Hall next to the hotel. The minimum purchase is 58 yuan and you can listen to it for ten minutes. Pingtan is suitable for people who like to listen to operas.

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Guanqian Street

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Pingjiang Road

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Humble Administrator's Garden

Zhuozheng Bieyuan Hotel
4.7/53970 Reviews

Zhuozheng Bieyuan Hotel

Guanqian Street/Pingjiang Street/Downtown Suzhou|0.17km from Humble Administrator's Garden
Overall, this is a very cost-effective hotel with an excellent location. If you take the above two points as your primary consideration, I highly recommend it. If you are more concerned about hygiene, you need to think twice. environment: The location is extremely advantageous, adjacent to the Humble Administrator's Garden and Pingjiang Road, and surrounded by the Lion Grove and Couple Garden. Subo is about a 10-minute walk away. There are so many historical sites in Suzhou that you can visit everywhere. However, because this place is located in the old city, vehicle traffic is extremely congested and it is almost slower than walking, so it is recommended to travel on two legs. It is not recommended to ride a bicycle casually, because it is likely that you will not be able to find a place to return the bicycle... When entering, remember to enter through the front door. The inconspicuous back door has a large threshold and is very unfriendly to suitcases. facility: The room is fully stocked and of good quality. The tea bags are from tea. The hand sanitizer is super easy to use and washes hands without drying them out. However, the soundproofing of the old house is really poor. You can hear any movement in the corridor clearly, and even the quarrel downstairs makes you immersed in the scene. The strange thing is that it doesn't affect the conversation next door, so it can be considered quiet at night (if no one is walking around outside). health: In fact, this overall building is a very old building, and the overall light is relatively dark, so that it is an old house, and it always looks like it is harboring filth and people and practices, which makes people uncomfortable. The hygiene in the hotel is relatively poor. Every place that can be seen is clean on the surface, but in invisible places, such as in the paper towel tube and under the pillow, there may be traces left by unknown residents. Serve: Although there are some shortcomings in hardware, they are very serious about service. Except for a girl at the front desk who was in a bad mood every day and had a bad face, everyone else was very friendly. They even gave me a silk scarf when I checked out. I heard that I felt the experience was average and offered a discount as an apology. FOOD: There doesn't seem to be any catering at his house. There are a lot of places to eat downstairs, so I don't recommend them at all! ! ! Go straight out of the gate and cross the road on the left for about 5 minutes. There is a ”127 Private Kitchen” with good food. You can eat and eat noodles at affordable prices. Remember not to buy from the Guixiang Village downstairs, it’s a big pit! Very unpalatable! ! ! !

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4.8/527 Reviews
Taihu Lake/ Eastern Mountain/ Western Mountain
Hygienic: The sheets and quilts are very clean and comfortable to use Environment: The environment does not say, it is very popular with a shot Service: The front desk butler is very intimate. Breakfast is delivered directly to the room the next day. The room is very large, with a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, this is what I did not expect, but also with a balcony, I don't know that the accommodation can also fish on the balcony, otherwise the height and low throw two poles. When we went, we just caught up with the cooling, and we were too lazy to go out to eat. The front desk lady recommended his hot pot set meal and sent it directly to the room. The overall feeling is very good, I will choose Dongshan again in summer.
Yaxinge Hotel
5/58 Reviews
Taihu Lake/ Eastern Mountain/ Western Mountain
#The sanitary room is clean and tidy, the bathroom is also very clean, there are some#The service front desk is very warm, and the luggage is also helping to take it upstairs. It was very late that day. I asked if there was a supermarket around the front desk. The front desk said that it might have been closed. I asked what I needed. If they had, they could provide it for free. Very nice! #WIFI speed is very fast, TV can also watch Internet TV, there are tips in the room how to turn on the TV, very intimate#Location traffic parking is very convenient, you can stop at the door#The room view is modern and simple decoration, the large glass windows are very fond of, the light blue curtains are very cost-effective, often come here for business trips, Compared with the surrounding small hotels, this hotel is recommended, newly renovated, clean and clean, and will come back later!
4.7/515 Reviews
Suzhou Railway Station District
Rarely live in a homestay, this time because the whole family is out, the environment is better than expected, the location is very good, convenient to travel
Vienna International Hotel (Suzhou University Town Yuexi subway station store)
4.8/51962 Reviews
Shihu Lake/Shangfang Mountain Scenic Spot/International Education Zone
At first, I read the reviews and they were very well received, and I chose it after a 5-minute walk from the exit of Yuexi Metro Station. The location is indeed superior, not too far away from Shanghangshan Forest Park and Wangshan Scenic Area, it can be reached within 15 minutes. But I don’t know if it’s a little late at 8pm, and there was a problem with the check-in at the beginning. I booked a double room and saw the twin bed as soon as I entered. Later, the counter responded that someone asked me to change rooms and gave me breakfast coupons. I was very satisfied with the service. However, this room is a bit outrageous. I don't know if it should be cleaned up urgently. The twin beds are put together and the floor is not thick. Seeing the seam completely, I am alone, which means the same as a double bed, and it is difficult to sleep in the middle of sleep. In addition, the replaced double bed cleaning mat was placed in a messy place in the cabinet for hanging clothes, the door could not be closed at all, and the hair dryer was not cleaned at first sight. There are also dirty parts in the toilet. Reaction counter later. I replaced me with a double bed room. This bed was normal, but the secondary lock on the door of the room was completely broken. The water tank in the toilet was completely out of water because the handle was not reset, so I could do it myself. The sofa also has big seams. The little brother at the counter said that he would bring up the breakfast coupon again until there was no one the next day. Finally, the funny thing is that because there is no free breakfast, I just wanted to forget it and ordered the takeaway, but when I went to check out, the counter said it was OK, but after asking about the takeaway, I told me that the robot was delivered. I haven't received any phone calls to inform the robot that the takeaway will be delivered, so I waited in the lobby for another ten minutes. It’s a pity that the lobby is beautifully decorated and has a book coupon atmosphere. The front desk has no bad attitude to tell the truth. The job number 069 was accidentally extended by my anger. The bedding is very good, the soft and hard warmth are comfortable, and the night is very good. Quiet. But this experience is really uncomfortable. If the room is not enough at the moment, you can communicate with me, you can accept a double bed, and you can also discuss with me if you merge a double bed. Instead of replacing it afterwards, I don’t even bother to say it until the end.
Shensu E-sports Hotel (Suzhou New District Shishan Branch)
4.9/5449 Reviews
Huqiu New Urban District/ Hanshan Temple
I saw this hotel on the Internet. It is very convenient to travel near the subway. Parking is on the ground and needs to be reserved. The front desk butler Xiao Wang service is very active and enthusiastic to arrange the room clean and tidy, and the bedding is more comfortable. I recommend it.
Kongjian· shanyejian(Suzhou Dongshan Taihu Branch)
4.8/5228 Reviews
Taihu Lake/ Eastern Mountain/ Western Mountain
🚗 Transportation: Navigate to the gate of Yuhua Shengjing, which looks like the villa renovation project of Dongshanhui, the deepest villa. There is a parking lot outside the gate, which is very convenient 🧹Hygienic: The sanitary conditions are not bad, whether it is the yard or the room sanitation. All are very good. 🍃Environment: The decoration of the courtyard is a combination of Soviet-style garden and modern style. There is an internet celebrity coffee shop in the yard. The owner’s puppy is very cute and can be taken away at any time to help walk the dog. Hahaha 🔔Service: Before check-in, there will be a butler contacting to give directions and order meals, etc. It is very thoughtful. For catering services, breakfast is a nine-square grid, which is very novel. Lunch can't be complimented. The price/performance ratio is not high, it is better to go to the lake or the town to eat. The room on the second floor has a small terrace, where you can drink tea and chat under the stars at night, which is good.

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Suzhou Travel Recommendations and City Info

On, it's easy to search for hotels in Suzhou. New and popular hotels in Suzhou recommended by Located in China, Suzhou is a well-known and vibrant city. Suzhou is a city with tons of tourist attractions. You'll never want to leave! Cities near Suzhou include Kunshan, Wuxi, Jiashan, and so on.

Though there is no civilian airport, it's still easy to take a bus or train to reach Suzhou. Suzhou North Railway Station is a large train station in Suzhou. It's convenient to stay at a hotel in the nearby area. offers discounts of up to 20% on 541 boutique hotels in Suzhou. Suzhou has high quality and low-priced hotels. You can spend one night at a nice hotel for only 44 USD. There are 53 five-star hotels in Suzhou at an average price of 108 USD per night. There are 117 four-star hotels in Suzhou at an average price of 64 USD per night. There are 144 three-star hotels in Suzhou at an average price of 52 USD per night. There are 201 two-star hotels in Suzhou at an average price of 29 USD per night. As a popular tourist city, Suzhou has many renowned chain hotels. Hotels under the Ramada brand are a good choice. Ramada is the top choice of many travelers in Suzhou. Crowne Plaza Suzhou is one of the most popular hotels in Suzhou. Login Serviced Apartment is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Suzhou, such as Hanshan Temple, ShiLu BuXingJie, Shantang Street. If you want to spend a fun vacation with your family, locals recommend visiting West Mountain, Sanshan Island. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Humble Administrator’s Garden, Pingjiang Road Historic Block, Guanqian Street. If you're interested in museums and cultural landmarks, it's recommended to visit Taihu Xishan Folk Collection Museum, Jiangnan Tea Culture Museum, Youchuan Wine Museum. For those interested in the outdoors, attractions like Dantaihu Park, Suzhou Sanjiaoju Wetland Park are excellent options.

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• January to March: 8.24°C during the day, 4.73°C at night

• April to June: 21.68°C during the day, 17.85°C at night

• July to September: 28.45°C during the day, 25.15°C at night

• October to December: 14.93°C during the day, 11.0°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 68.73 cm

• Summer: 120.4 cm

• Autumn: 150.5 cm

• Winter: 48.6 cm

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