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    The central part of Taiwan is has a pleasant climate, for this reason, it's known as one of the most liveable places in the region. The central region of Taiwan includes the city of Taichung as well as the counties of Nantou and Changhua. Within these areas, the most well-known tourist destinations are undoubtedly Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Farm.

    Within central Taiwan, Taichung is generally used as a transportation hub. It takes only one hour to take the high-speed train from Taipei to Taichung. From Taichung, visitors can transfer by bus to attractions like Sun Moon Lake. Visitors usually choose to spend around 2-3 days at Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Farm in Nantou County, while Taichung and Lukang generally are visited for 1 day each.

    Taichung is the center of the Central Metropolitan Area, and is the third largest city in Taiwan after Taipei and Kaohsiung. Taichung is well-known for its culture. It not only is home to the most beautiful university in Taiwan, Tunghai University, but also many art galleries and museums. In addition, Taichung's Rainbow Village is also a popular destination for tourists.

    Nantou is the only landlocked county in Taiwan. It is surrounded by mountains and home to many locations often visited by tourists including Sun Moon Lake. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, the cycling road in the scenic area has also been selected as one of the top ten most beautiful bicycle paths in the world. Cingjing Farm is Taiwan’s only alpine pasture, and sheep roaming in the vast green grasslands surrounded by mountains make people feel as if they were in the wilderness of Switzerland.

    As the longest railway line of the Taiwan Railway, the Jiji Line is well-known because of the rural scenery, green tunnels of trees, and nostalgic historic that it passes through. Moreover, the Jiji Line also holds regular steam train refueling activities every year which never fails to attract railway fans.

    Changhua County is one of the earliest areas for Taiwan to open up. Within the county, many cultural relics such as temples and historic sites can be found. Lukang township is located within the county and is also well known by locals and visitors alike. Within the township, Lukang Old Street is well-preserved and a nice place to spend the afternoon. Additionally, Mazu Temple, Longshan Temple and the Ancestral Temple are the three great historic sites worth checking out.


    The average annual temperature is 22.4 degrees Celsius, and the temperature difference between winter and summer is only about 10 degrees. It is pleasant throughout the year.

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