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Chaiin Hotel - Dongmen
4.2/554 Reviews

Chaiin Hotel - Dongmen

Yongkang Market Place Taipei|2.16km from National Taiwan University
A hotel that has been open for less than two years is a very low-key hotel. Many people in Taipei do not know it, but it does not mean that it is hidden in a corner of the city, giving people a quiet and inconvenient feeling. On the contrary, it is the hotel closest to Yongkang Street and Lishui Street in Taipei's food street. The location is just above Exit 8 of MRT Dongmen Station. After the Xinyi Line opened last year, it has a very superior location. Why do many Taipei people do not know that it exists, because it is on the upper floor of the East Gate Post Office, and the door is on the cross street next to the post office, so most people are walking on Xinyi Road and will not pay attention to it, but it is just opposite the intersection of Xinyi Road, Lishui Street. The adjacent Yongkang Street is 100 meters away. The reception hall is on the 3rd floor and the 4-12th floors are all guest rooms. There is a lift, but because the size of the hotel is not large, it generally does not need to wait too long. Stayed in the Yaxuan room on the same day, in the independent corner of the floor, so it was very quiet. The room is small and the equipment is simple, but very clean. Although the hotel's positioning is a business travel, according to the equipment, individuals feel that it should be more suitable for 1-2 people for short-term travel, because there is no closed wardrobe and ironing equipment in the room. Although the room is small, the bed is very comfortable. The most special style is to give full play to its advantages in the store. Use a small wall to mark Yongkang Street and Lishui Street, and even many well-known shops in the entire Shida business district and briefly introduce them, so that people who come to travel outside can understand more. It is a value-added service provided for Qian Business Travel to play smartly on the ground, which is worthy of praise. Of course, with the passage of time, individual stores have closed their business, but they have not been updated in time on the map, which is a fly in the ointment. But no matter what, it has the effect of throwing bricks and jade for the guests, reminding them that there are many treasures worth discovering nearby. Overall, due to the excellent location, simplicity and tranquility are its main advantages. In another perspective, simpler devices can reduce costs and improve cost performance, and it is not a smart move. For guests who like to go to Taipei to find local food, they need a hotel with convenient transportation and clean peace. They don't want to spend on unimportant equipment and don't want to live in a 3-star hotel with more people and old. The Qian Business Travel is one of the best options.
Les Suites Taipei - Da An
4.2/582 Reviews

Les Suites Taipei - Da An

Zhongxiao Dunhua Commercial Area Taipei|2.43km from National Taiwan University
What sets this hotel apart: If you are looking to stay in a quiet neighborhood (instead of a hotel along a busy/noisy street) with a good value/price, great service, and convenient location in Taipei, this hotel is a strong contender. This combination is what sets it apart from other hotels. Hotels nearby are either priced higher or along the main streets. Positives: - The team's service and attitude are consistently professional and courteous throughout my entire stay. Everyone was professional. No one came across rude, impatient, or defensive. They thanked me for choosing them and also took responsibility/ownership on things they did not do right the first time. - They took notes on things you said and requested with immediate response or within 24 hours if needed more time. - They practiced active listening, asked clarification questions to ensure what I needed/requested. - Excellent breakfast, full of variety. They kept standard items standard by providing them daily but also added some variety by changing 3-5 dishes. All foods are fresh and prepared on site. - Housekeeping service had great attitude and was efficient in cleaning throughout the entire stay. - They have an elevator. Most hotels in Taiwan have elevators. - They are happy to help moving your luggage upon request. - Excellent hot shower temperature and pressure - Amenities provided in the room is abundant with good quality - They are trustworthy in honoring pre-agreed upon check-in requirements. Before booking this hotel, I asked about the check-in requirements and what I felt comfortable providing and what not. They agreed and executed accordingly. I appreciate how their words and actions are consistent, which is very different from some hotels (Best Western always acted inconsistently, Marriott, Hilton, and IHG hotels are spotty, some are good, and some are bad) in the US and Canada where they said/agreed one things and acted differently when I arrived at the front desk for check-in. Hotel services in Taiwan are generally much better in terms of service attitude and honoring their words. - Effective expectation management and communication - When raising issues, they took it with positive attitude: they always first owned it by providing a sincere apology, tried to solve it immediately. If they couldn't solve it right away, they asked for more time and provided a timeframe on when it would be solved. Throughout my stay, 50% of issues were solved immediately, and 50% were solved within 12 to 24 hours. No issues remained unresolved. - Common areas are always very clean and organized. Negatives: - Not always have people at the front desk to help open the heavy doors. Better to change it to auto-sliding doors. - The elevator carpet is gross and dirty: time to change it. There was a hair hidden underneath the hand towel on first day - raised the issue and they fixed it the next morning. Should not have missed at first place. - There was a dirty blue cup with watermarks all

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Hotel HD Palace Taipei
3.6/543 Reviews
World Trade Center Exhibition Center
The room was spacious enough and very clean. The transportation is also convenient. The breakfast was in partnership with Mos Burger. Since I didn’t like Mos Burger, I just gave up.
May Rooms Taipei NTU
3.8/515 Reviews
2.24 National Taiwan University LTTC CFA level I CBT EXAM 1⃣️Close to National Taiwan University, it is really convenient for National Taiwan University of Science and Technology to go to National Taiwan University for interviews and exams. 2⃣️The room is small and the picture given by Ctrip. The photo of the room is completely inconsistent. The room is very small and even I live with a double bed. 3⃣️The boss said that the building is old ant nest You can’t clean it up. Don’t eat in the room. It’s only when you arrive at the hotel. 4⃣️Seriously close to the locomotive on the roadside, my room is terrible... I don’t know why I was so unlucky. I have been preparing for the CFA for eight or nine months. Because of the hotel, I only slept for three or four hours the night before the test, which was a heavy-duty two-session test in the morning and afternoon. I completely failed in this garbage hotel, or the room on the side of the main road just close to Keelung Road. The windows are extremely bad. I heard the sound of the locomotive for two days. In fact, the perfect and complete test schedule was completely ruined in this bad hotel (mainly because the sound of the locomotive can’t sleep at all) 5⃣️I had a room before I left. Video to confirm the habit of items, such as video; 6⃣️There are no decent tables, 7⃣️To sum up, the first room is not as small as the picture expected, and the double room is small and pitiful; the second is close to the locomotive and the roadside is seriously pitted and the third is even basic desk and chair There is no fourth place. It is not deceptive. The 8⃣️ video is very convenient for the exam. The sound of the video is the sound of the locomotive. Whether it is the hotel itself or not, it is not recommended for people who need sufficient rest for the exam, especially on the second floor. The room is extremely dangerous. Close to the road is a few rooms on my side. The double room is so small and the locomotive noise is almost all day (there are rooms on the ground floor and the first floor)
K Hotel Dunnan
4.3/5103 Reviews
Linjiang Night Market
There are urine stains on the toilet that have not been cleaned up, stains on the sheets, scale in the instant pot, and towels that are too old and yellowish. It is recommended that they be discarded. There are traces of old dirt on the cloth of desks, chairs and chair cushions, which look very dirty. The chairs have strange noises. They really need to be eliminated and replaced with decent chairs. Except for the quality and service of the male and female service staff at the night shift counter on 2/6, it is really difficult to find other things to praise. .
GoodMore Hotel
4/556 Reviews
Yongkang Market Place
The room was very compact, but the price was reasonable for the location and a solo budget traveler. The room was clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful. When I get a chance to go to Taipei by myself and need a place to sleep for a short term, I might go back there again.
Guide Hotel Taipei NTU
3.8/545 Reviews
It is almost the only hotel near Taipower Building, but it is very good in terms of value for money. It is small but has everything ~ Grandfather Fantasia's first stop in Taiwan. Breakfast is simple.
Shangri-La Far Eastern, Taipei
4.5/5278 Reviews
Linjiang Night Market
Title: Exceptional Stay at Shangri-La Taipei! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Shangri-La Taipei was phenomenal! Luxurious rooms, impeccable service, and great facilities. Perfect location for exploring Taipei. Can't wait to return!

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