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Wo Jia Inn
4.8/510 Reviews
The proprietress is very good. I thought that there was a single homestay. The air conditioning was not required. It is not hot today, because it is close to the test room, and it is lived around. Mainly there is an old man in the store who peeked while I was taking a bath. Although the proprietress later said that he was, he was very worried for one night. The room was clean and tidy, and the proprietress was also responsible for enthusiasm, but the safety hazards in the bathroom were really urgent to be solved.
Yidianjing Hotel (Taixing Financial Center Branch)
5/56 Reviews
The e-sports hotel just opened in Dataixing, clean and tidy, good value for money, great choice for gatherings of friends
Yinguang International Hotel
4.4/565 Reviews
The room is fully equipped, with a safe, iron, small refrigerator, and a public gym (although no one is fitness) will send a small snack in the afternoon, the breakfast is also very rich and delicious, the bed is very soft and comfortable, it feels that the air conditioner is not very powerful, I sweated hot in the room 😂 and the towel looks Old and not too dare to use
Taixing Wanda Meihua Hotel
4.8/5387 Reviews
Xiao Zhang at the front desk has good service. A family of four came and took the initiative to change us to a room with two queen beds. Although the area of two queen beds is a bit large, a family of four stays very warm. The room is clean and the hotel is about three or four kilometers away from the city. Although far from the city, it is still quiet at night and the price is very high.
Yilong Anyun Hotel (Biyun Plaza)
4.6/5165 Reviews
This hotel is in a good location, very quiet at night, the front desk girl has a long skin, the room is spacious and generous, the lighting is good, the design is reasonable, clean and tidy, there is no smell, the facilities are basically there, the hot water flow is large and the bath is very comfortable, breakfast is delivered to the door on time every day, The nutrition balance is very intimate, and the dumpling porridge is delicious. It is the TV in the room where I am located that I can watch digital TV, but the flaws are not concealed. I personally feel that there is no obvious shortcoming hotel. I stayed for several days and it was very comfortable. I will stay here next time I come to Taixing.
Taixingjichuan North Road9-1
4.7/5118 Reviews
Convenient transportation, great dining, quiet and comfortable, comfortable bath, preferential price, cost-effective, praise

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