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4.8/5Outstanding850 Reviews
The location is superb, super convenient, next to JR Takamatsu station, ferry terminal, Yu algae park .. Easy access to neighboring cities
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4.7/5Outstanding329 Reviews
Opposite the hotel is the shopping area, very convenient, there is a bus stop downstairs, it is convenient to the airport, also convenient to large shopping malls. Free bus to the shopping mall.
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4.7/5Outstanding65 Reviews
The hotel opened in 18 years, relatively new, small rooms, complete facilities, free beer or drink per person and half bowl of ramen noodles in the evening, the airport bus is across the road.
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4.4/5Excellent213 Reviews
Location is good. But facility of room is old and not quiet clean.
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4.7/5Outstanding482 Reviews
虽然没有去成,不过还是有好评,80积分好难拿啊cccccccccccccffffffffffffff is the time of time to get my hair done and then I'll be home in the morning and then I'll be home in about an hour and then I'll be home in about an hour and then I'll come back
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4.7/5Outstanding41 Reviews
The location of the resort is very quiet and peaceful. People will go out of your way for you. There was fast internet throughout the hotel. The room is very unexpectedly huge. Wifi in the room worked very good. The room amenities did not seem as high class as my previous visits.
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Takamatsu Hotel Guide

Takamatsu is the capital of Kagawa Prefecture located on the island of Shikoku in Japan. Interestingly, the island of Shikoku was inaccessible by land until the completion of the Seto-Ohashi Bridge in the late 1980s. This means that the island still retains much of its original culture and traditions. Even today, Takamatsu is seldom frequented by foreigners – this makes it an excellent place to spend a relaxing vacation.

The city can be accessed by both train and plane. If coming by air, the closest airport is the Takamatsu Airport (TAK), which provides connections between Takamatsu and major cities in Japan, as well as international cities like Shanghai, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Additionally, Takamatsu is connected to other cities in Shikoku as well as Kyushu via the JR Shikoku line.

Takamatsu is most known for its castle, which was built in 1590. One of the few water castles in Japan, the moat that surrounds Takamatsu Castle is filled with seawater. Today, the site of the castle can be viewed by visitors. This particular attraction exudes Japanese culture and shouldn’t be missed.

Visitors to Takamatsu can’t miss the New Yashima Aquarium and the Tamura Shrine. The city is also home to several attractions with a strong connection to nature, such as Ritsurin Park, which is also one of Japan’s famous classical gardens. Within the park, you can enjoy a cup of tea and check out the variety of local crafts that are on sale. The garden dates back centuries ago, to the feudal era. The garden is quite large and can take hours to explore completely.

Many attractions can be found a short distance from Takamatsu’s city center as well, including the Kagawa Museum, Sanuki Kid’s Kingdom, and Takamatsu Historical Museum. Hotels are located all throughout Takamatsu, and whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s sure to be something for every type of traveler.

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