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Taoyuan is located in the northwestern part of Taiwan, adjacent to New Taipei City, Hsinchu County, and Yilan County. As of 2015, Taoyuan has an area of 1220.954 square kilometers and a registered population of 2.05 million. Divided into 13 districts, the urban areas of Taoyuan are mainly the Taoyuan and Zhongli Districts. Due to its proximity to the Taipei metropolitan area and a number of major public construction and investments, the Zhongli Metropolitan Area has been formed. Many hotels in Taoyuan are located in this area. Taoyuan is a multi-ethnic area, and because of industrial development, it is also the county with the largest number of foreign workers in Taiwan. On December 25, 2014, Taoyuan City was upgraded from Taoyuan County to Taoyuan Municipality and is one of the six municipalities directly under the central government in Taiwan. The southeastern part of Taoyuan borders New Taipei City and Yilan County. In the southwest, it borders on Jianshih Township. The Linkou Terrace and the Guilun Mountain Ridge are northeast of the city and are the natural divisions of the Taipei Basin and Taoyuan Terrace. Except for the southeast mountainous area, Taoyuan has a subtropical monsoon climate, affected by the northeastern and southwestern monsoon. The northeastern monsoon begins in late October, and lasts through the following March with strong winds and low temperatures. The southwestern monsoon lasts from May to September. During this time, there’s a slight breeze and there are frequent thunderstorms in the afternoon. In particular, typhoons often occur from July to September.

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