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Remis Hotel

Imam Khomeini Airport Access, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
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Visitors of Tehran, from business travelers to vacationers eager to explore Iran's capital city, are treated with the ultimate hospitality at the hotel. Our friendly reception team greets guests 24 hours a day in an ideal location connected to the airport's main terminal. Downtown Tehran is a 45-minute drive away, and the comfort of home, from air conditioning to free WiFi, can be found in your room designed for your well-being and convenience.Show More
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4.3/5Very Good·Great Location
Excellent Service & Awesome Experience
Restaurant24-Hour Front Desk
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Airport: Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
(10.8 km)
Airport: Mehrabad International Airport
(58.8 km)


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Double Room

Double Room

1 Double bed
15m² | Floor: 1
Has window
Free Wi-Fi
In-room Wi-Fi
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Single Room

Single Room

1 Single bed
Has window
Free Wi-Fi
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Twin Room

Twin Room

2 Single bed
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Guest Reviews(61)

Very Good
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  • Cleanliness4.4
  • Amenities4.1
  • Location4.4
  • Service4.2
Moayad Hammo
December 11, 2023
"Great stay! Clean, comfortable, and super convenient to the airport. Friendly staff and efficient service. Perfect for those with early flights. Highly recommend
shakeer rv
March 1, 2024
Excellent Service & Awesome Experience
Guest User
May 1, 2024
Break fast is very good. But when you order the food from restauran , thay taking from customer dollars or euro but don't gave the right change back .
Yavuz Selim
January 22, 2024
The hotel is very close to the airport and ver comfortable. The reception team was very helpful and some of them knew turkish, which helped us a lot. It is a good idea to stay at remis if you are look to stay close to the airport.
Anonymous User
November 2, 2023
Quick checkin. A little bit confusing though as the hotel common spaces are shared between the two. Good breakfast
Guest User
May 21, 2024
This was they best hotel 🏨 that I stay ever
January 19, 2024
The airconditioner was broken. It was very hot in the room during night
October 16, 2023
If you are planning to catch your breath before long-hours fly, I really recommend this hotel. Everything that you expect from a hotel is met except the Check-out which took more than 10 minutes. It's the only thing that really bothered me during my stay, that I had to leave my passport by the reception, although I booked and paid with my credit card online and also fully identified myself by the Check-In, still I had to give up on only document, which enables me to continue my planned travel. I understand that hotels need a guarantee in case of any property damages, but when someone is identified and paid the costs in advance especially with a credit card, the mentioned damages can also be placed as a bill on the CC. I hope, this review reaches the hotel management and they remove this stressing anf annoying rule for such reservations.
Guest User
April 4, 2024
good service and nice hotel. very near to the airport

Property Policies

Check-in and Check-out Times
Check-in: After 14:00
Check-out: Before 12:00

Front desk hours: 24/7

Opening hours[Mon - Sun] 06:00-10:00 Open

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Property Description

  • Number of Rooms: 196
Visitors of Tehran, from business travelers to vacationers eager to explore Iran's capital city, are treated with the ultimate hospitality at the hotel. Our friendly reception team greets guests 24 hours a day in an ideal location connected to the airport's main terminal. Downtown Tehran is a 45-minute drive away, and the comfort of home, from air conditioning to free WiFi, can be found in your room designed for your well-being and convenience.

Services & Amenities

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to stay at Remis Hotel?

Prices at Remis Hotel are subject to change according to dates, hotel policy, and other factors. To view prices, please search for the dates you wish to stay at the hotel.

What is the closest airport to Remis Hotel?

The closest airport is Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport. It is 10.8 km from the hotel and approximately a 18minutes journey by taxi.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Remis Hotel?

The check-in time is after 14:00 and the check-out time is before 12:00.

Does Remis Hotel provide airport transfer services?

No, the Remis Hotel doesn't provide airport transfer services.

What amenities and services does Remis Hotel have?

Remis Hotel has the following amenities and services: Restaurant.

Does Remis Hotel have a swimming pool?

No, Remis Hotel doesn't have a pool.

Does Remis Hotel have fitness amenities?

No, Remis Hotel doesn't have fitness amenities.

Does Remis Hotel provide Wi-Fi?

Please view the amenity list on the hotel page.

Does Remis Hotel have non-smoking rooms?

Please view the hotel listing for details.

Does Remis Hotel provide breakfast?

Yes, Remis Hotel provides breakfast.

About This Property

Nearest AirportTehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
Distance to Airport10.76KM
Average Price FromUSD88
Hotel Star Rating4
A First-Timer's Guide to the Area Around Remis Hotel

Discover Tehran's vibrant blend of tradition and modernity from the strategic location of Remis Hotel. Situated in the heart of the bustling province of Tehran, the hotel offers easy access to Imam Khomeini Airport, making it an ideal starting point for exploration.

Tehran, the capital city, unfolds as a cultural tapestry where historical landmarks and contemporary charm coexist. Step outside Remis Hotel to immerse yourself in the local scene, from savoring traditional Persian dishes in nearby eateries to navigating the labyrinthine alleys of the Grand Bazaar for unique souvenirs.

For a dose of history, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Golestan Palace, is a short drive away, showcasing exquisite architecture and lush gardens. Nature enthusiasts can escape to Mellat Park, a serene green oasis in Tehran, perfect for leisurely strolls or lakeside picnics.

To delve into Tehran's cultural vibrancy, catch a traditional Iranian performance at Vahdat Hall or explore contemporary art at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. As the sun sets, the area around Remis Hotel comes alive with a diverse nightlife, offering everything from quaint teahouses to trendy rooftop bars.

In this dynamic corner of Tehran, Remis Hotel becomes more than just accommodation: it's a gateway to an enriching experience for first-time visitors eager to uncover the essence of this captivating city.

Attractions Near Remis Hotel

Golestan Palace (Humanities):

Golestan Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, embodies Persian grandeur with its opulent architecture and lush gardens, offering a glimpse into Iran's royal history.

Estimated Time: 55 minutes driving from the hotel.

Suitable for: History enthusiasts and cultural explorers.

Mellat Park (Nature):

Mellat Park, a sprawling green oasis, provides a serene escape in the heart of Tehran, perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, and relaxation.

Estimated Time: 1 hour from the hotel by car.

Suitable for: Nature lovers and those seeking tranquility.

Grand Bazaar (Shopping):

The Grand Bazaar beckons with its labyrinthine alleys filled with treasures, from traditional crafts to spices, creating a vibrant shopping experience.

Estimated Time: 50 minutes from the hotel by car.

Suitable for: Shopaholics and those keen on local market exploration.

Vahdat Hall (Arts and Culture):

Vahdat Hall hosts traditional Iranian performances, providing an immersive cultural experience in the heart of Tehran.

Estimated Time: 1 hour driving from the hotel.

Suitable for: Arts and culture enthusiasts.

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (Arts and Culture):

Explore modern expressions at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, showcasing a rich collection of contemporary Iranian and international artworks.

Estimated Time: 1 hour from the hotel by car.

Suitable for: Art connoisseurs and those interested in contemporary culture.

These attractions near Remis Hotel offer a diverse range of experiences, catering to the varied interests of travelers exploring Tehran for the first time.

Remis Hotel’s Ideal Retreats for Every Traveler

Nestled in the heart of Tehran, Remis Hotel unfolds as an ideal retreat for a spectrum of travelers, each finding tailored experiences that resonate with their preferences and needs.

Business Travelers:

With its strategic location providing easy access to Imam Khomeini Airport and coupled with modern amenities and conference facilities, Remis Hotel is a haven for business travelers. The hotel's tranquil ambiance serves as an ideal backdrop for productive meetings and a seamless blend of work and relaxation.

History Enthusiasts:

Positioned near cultural landmarks such as Golestan Palace, Remis Hotel caters to history enthusiasts. The proximity to this UNESCO World Heritage Site allows guests to immerse themselves in Iran's rich royal heritage, making the hotel an excellent choice for those seeking a historical journey.

Nature Lovers:

For those inclined towards nature, Remis Hotel's close proximity to Mellat Park provides an opportunity to escape the urban hustle. The verdant surroundings offer a peaceful retreat, allowing nature lovers to unwind and reconnect with the outdoors.

Art and Culture Aficionados:

Art and culture enthusiasts find a haven in Remis Hotel with its accessibility to venues like Vahdat Hall and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Guests can indulge in traditional Iranian performances or explore modern expressions, immersing themselves in Tehran's vibrant cultural scene.

Shopaholics and Market Explorers:

The hotel's convenient location near the Grand Bazaar caters to the hearts of shopaholics and market enthusiasts. Guests can easily navigate the bustling alleys, negotiating over unique treasures and experiencing the lively atmosphere of Tehran's iconic market.

Remis Hotel and Transportation Hubs

Transportation Hub Distance from Hotel Transportation Options Estimated Time
Imam Khomeini Airport 4 miles (6.6 km) Taxi or Hotel Shuttle Approx.15 minutes drive
Tehran Central Bus Station 30 miles (48.2 km) Taxi Approx. 45 minutes drive
Tehran Railway Station 30.7 miles (49.5 km) Taxi Approx. 50 minutes drive

Unique Facilities at Remis Hotel

Remis Hotel stands out as more than just accommodation: it's a curated experience enriched by unique facilities designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its guests.

Wellness Oasis - Spa and Fitness Center:

Remis Hotel prioritizes the well-being of its guests with a state-of-the-art spa and fitness center. Whether unwinding with a rejuvenating massage or maintaining fitness routines, guests can indulge in a holistic wellness experience within the hotel premises.

Cultural Lounge:

Immerse yourself in Tehran's rich culture within the hotel's dedicated cultural lounge. Featuring a collection of local art, literature, and traditional music, this space provides a serene environment for guests to connect with the city's vibrant cultural heritage.

Business Concierge Services:

Catering to the needs of business travelers, Remis Hotel offers exclusive business concierge services. From arranging meeting spaces to assisting with last-minute presentations, the hotel ensures a seamless experience for corporate guests.

Airport Lounge Access:

Streamline your travel experience with access to the airport lounge. Guests can relax in comfort before or after their flights, enjoying refreshments and amenities for a stress-free journey.

Multilingual Staff and Tour Assistance:

To enhance the stay of international visitors, Remis Hotel boasts a multilingual staff proficient in English and other languages. The hotel's tour assistance services further simplify exploration, providing insights into Tehran's hidden gems.

These unique facilities distinguish Remis Hotel as a destination in itself, offering guests a blend of luxury, cultural immersion, and practicality. Whether savoring Persian delicacies with a view, prioritizing wellness, or seamlessly managing business affairs, Remis Hotel ensures an enriching stay for every traveler.