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Since the opening up in the Qing dynasty more than 150 years ago, the east and west both came together and fought against each other in Tianjin. The historical mixing of cultures that occurred in Tianjin made way for both the elegant Wudadao Western-style houses and ancient Chinese-style cultural streets that decorate the city. Today, Tianjin is modern, prosperous, and considered an economic center in northern China. Since it is the birthplace of comic dialogue (known in Chinese as xiangsheng), interested visitors have the chance to find a teahouse and hear it in person. Tianjin's famous teahouses include the China Grand Theater, Yanle Tea Club, Qianxiangyi Tea House, and many more.

If you want to try classic snacks native to Tianjin, Nanshi Food Street is a good place to go. In addition, the snack street at Liaoning Road of Binjiang Avenue has lot of delicious food as well. Yueshengzhai sauce beef, Yanbin, Zhengyangchun roast duck shop and other long-established shops carry the memories of a generation of Tianjin people and are located on both sides of the Haihe River, which also make up the bustling center of the Tianjin. There are many small Western-style houses and modern buildings and every night, their lights illuminate the streets. The north side of the Haihe River is home to many famous attractions, such as the Tianjin Eye, Ancient Culture Street, and other more. There are many scenic spots such as the Italian style street, Quanye Bazaar, the Porcelain House, Marshal Mansion, Peace Road, Xiaobailou, and other shopping attractions in the south.

On the elegant streets of Five Avenue on the west side of Heping District stand Tianjin's most famous concession buildings. During the period of the Republic of China period, Qing dynasty leftists, the Northern Warlords, leaders of the Republic of China, and foreigners all settled here. The architectural style on the streets is unique, there are Roman style columns and Baroque characteristics. Each building is unique and visitors can take a stroll down the streets to and feel the refined atmosphere of the former concession. Nankai District presents a fresh and beautiful side of Tianjin and is the location of both Nankai University and Tianjin University. Both of the city’s famous colleges have quiet atmospheres and are perfect for going on an afternoon stroll. The largest city park, Aqua Park, is a relaxing and entertaining place which is worth a visit as well.

When compared to other coastal cities, the conditions of the sea and beach in Tianjin are general. Spending time around the sea is not the main option for tourists to visit Tianjin. However, due to Tianjin's location by the water, there are also marine theme parks such as the Binhai Aircraft Park and the Haichang Polar Ocean World, which can be used for entertainment. In addition, Dongjiang Bay, the Beitang fishing boats, and other scenic spots are also the choices of local residents in Tianjin who want to see the sea in the summer. The Tianjin Eye and the Sky Tower are the most iconic architectural landmarks in Tianjin and great places to see the skyline of the city.

Tianjin’s urban areas are well-developed. There are many high-end hotels in Tianjin, in addition to ordinary hotels, youth hostels, and inns. There are a multitude of accommodation options, assuring visitors can always find somewhere ideal to stay. In addition, the city has convenient public transportation and places to shop are everywhere. In general, the most popular hotels in Tianjin are located the both sides of Haihe River, Five Avenue, and Nankai District. These areas are part of downtow and have many worthwhile scenic spots.

Spring, summer, and autumn are suitable seasons for visiting Tianjin. Spring and autumn are short. In the summer, the urban area is about 30°C. In the suburbs and surrounding areas, it is only about 20°C. It’s not too hot and the perfect weather for heading to the seaside. The minimum temperature in the winter in Tianjin is about -10°C.

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