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Fuchu Urban Hotel Annex
4.1/564 Reviews
I went to leave my luggage before check-in, but I thought I would settle it first, and when I wrote the information, I wrote it quickly, but I was able to write it quickly with a nose breath... After checking in, go out I leave the key at the front desk when I go back and say the name and room number, ”Hi hi ... Hi hi ...”. Can I call you a massage from the room to the front desk? When I heard, I was told, ”I don't do it at this hotel!” I was very disgusted, so I was a waste of money, but I moved to a nearby Livmax hotel. I've used the hotel so far, but this was my first experience.
Hotel Livemax Budget Fuchu
3.7/562 Reviews
The receptionist's response, the amenities, and the space was large enough for one person, everything was so good that I couldn't complain. The key is also number type, so I don't have to carry it around and it feels convenient.
Hotel Livemax Budget Fuchu Annex
2.5/561 Reviews
It was good that amenities were substantial. The price is cheap and the station is a little walk, but the road is not complicated. I want to use it again.
Hotel Keyaki Gate Tokyo Fuchu
4.4/569 Reviews
The hotel booked for the fire conference is in a good location and the service is very good. Although I don't know English, Japanese is not very understanding, communication is more troublesome, but I am still very patient to explain with a translator. The environment is also OK in Japanese hotels. The tram station is out and the second floor of the flyover can go directly to the lobby. Not very new but very comfortable
Hotel Continental Fuchu
3.9/526 Reviews
I originally booked a single room, and then upgraded it to a standard room. Why do I sleep and sleep in two beds alone? Then I have someone else ’s luggage in my room. I upgraded to a triple room. , I served it, hahaha, I won't be avatar
Business Hotel Citytel Fuchu
4.5/52 Reviews
If you pass through the station facility from Fuchu Station, you can reach it without getting wet even in the rain. Correspondence of staff is good, too. The room is spacious, clean and has a feeling of freedom. It feels like a hotel rooted in the Tama area. I used it for day use, but the Internet is solid.

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