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The unique and beautiful city of Venice is located in northeastern Italy. The entire city is built on water. It one of the only cities in the world where cars are not permitted; everyone moves around on foot or by boat. There are many historic sites in the city, including various churches, bell towers, monasteries, and more than 100 palaces. The liveliest place in the city is St. Mark's Square, which is also the central square in Venice where most of the attractions on the main island are located. Because the island is made up of many winding roads, it’s easy to lose one’s way. Therefore, when looking for attractions such as the Rialto Bridge, make sure to follow the signs. Sometimes, taking a water bus may be the best choice for you to get to your destination.

Venice has many islands, including Murano Island, which is famous is for its glass products, Burano Island, well-known for its unique lace products and colored houses, and Lido Island where the Venice Film Festival is held. In general, 2-3 days is a sufficient amount of time to spend on the main island and some of the outer ones. While in Venice, many visitors choose to take rides on gondolas – it’s an activity that’s definitely not to be missed. Don’t forget to try the squid ink noodles either!

Water is the soul of Venice. Beautiful buildings are reflected on the water and the entire city seems as if it is floating. The Grand Canal is the longest “road” throughout the city, which divides the city into two halves. Heading to the sightseeing spots along the river is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery of Venice. There are many well-known buildings on both sides of the banks, and within them, the traces left behind by writers, artists, and musicians can be seen. The highlight of Venice is not limited to the main island either, and in the Venetian Lagoon, there are many islands to visit as well.

Murano Island: Murano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, 1.6 km north of the main island. This small island is home to various glassware shops and factories. The colorful Murano glassware produced here is world-renowned, and the special thermoplastic technique used to create it attracts countless visitors worldwide.

Burano Island: Burano, a small island in the Venetian Lagoon, is about 7 km from the main island and is famous for its lacework. The reasons why tourists come here, however, is not because of the lace, but because of the colored houses here, which is exactly the origin of its name.

Lido Island: Lido is the venue for the annual Venice Film Festival. Every year, celebrities gather here in late August and early September. Lido Island is closest to the main island and has a long, sandy beach. It’s a great place to go for cycling.

In addition to the islands mentioned above, there are still other islands to be explored in the Venice Lagoon. Head to the island of Torcello to experience the place where Hemingway wrote one of his books, go to San Michele Island to see the cemetery, or the Sant Erasmo Island to check out the annual rowing competition. No matter what part of the city you decide to stay in, there are plenty of hotels in Venice to choose from.

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