Hotels in Washington D.C. Reviews

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West End
酒店很好 床1.5米 可以 住一家四口 附近有西班牙餐厅 四个街区左右有个大超市 车厘子味道很好 与国内不同 35元左右一磅
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NoMa / Sirsum Corda
Bring your own toiletries and slippers. None is provided. Noisy airconditioner so you may need ear plugs.
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4.7/5Outstanding152 Reviews
The location of the hotel is not far from the attractions of Zhouda. It is almost 1,500 meters from the Chinese street. It is also very good, the hotel is quiet, and the breakfast is quite rich! The distance between the two airports is also available, about 10 minutes from the domestic line and about 25 minutes on the international line!
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4.6/5Outstanding45 Reviews
Ivy City / Gallaudet
Although the location is a little farther away, the hotel's shuttle bus to and from Union Station is uninterrupted and the journey is 10 minutes, so the location is actually very good and quiet, and the iconic buildings of the Congress can be seen from the windows. The facilities are complete and there are microwaves and refrigerators in addition to the usual facilities. The sanitation is very good and clean, the waiter is warm and welcoming; the breakfast is rich, and there are drinks such as free coffee on the first floor lobby. The room is large.
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4.7/5Outstanding18 Reviews
The hotel is very good, the room is large and the configuration is very rich!
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4.9/5Perfect72 Reviews
The Mall
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Frequently Asked Questions

Washington D.C. Hotel Guide

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and formally known as the District of Columbia. Most of the U.S. federal government agencies and national embassies in the United States are located here. It is also home to the headquarters of international organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

As the capital, Washington DC is also the political center of the United States. Here, everything that happens becomes breaking national news. Washington DC is the place where politicians make laws and exercise their powers. It’s also the place where the parties compete against each other. The White House, Congress, the Pentagon, and the Supreme Court all are all located here and the news that comes out of these places has the potential to create a major impact on the world. These political buildings can be visited by travelers who are interested in getting a closer look. The main areas visited by travelers include the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the attractions near them. There are also many free museums in Washington DC to visit as well.

Spring is the best season to travel to Washington DC. The cherry blossoms that bloom near the Tidal Basin and the Washington Monument enhance the city’s picturesque quality. While the flowers are blooming, many tourists and locals alike like to have picnics outside under them. The weather in the fall is pleasant and suitable for travel as well. Summers are quite hot and blizzards can hit in the winter.

Hotels in Washington DC’s southwest and northwest districts are generally expensive, though there are few motel chains as well. Since many conventions are held in the city, hotel prices are known to rise while they’re underway. For this reason, it’s a good idea to book hotels in Washington DC in advance.

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