Popular 3-Star Hotels in Weihai

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  • What are the most popular 3-Star hotels in Weihai?

    Whether you're traveling for business or going on vacation, there are many popular 3-Star hotels to choose from in Weihai. Vienna Hotel (Weihai Wenshan Road) is a popular 3-Star hotel to stay at.

  • How much do 3-Star hotels in Weihai cost?

    Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night for hotels in Weihai is USD 35. 3-Star Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

  • How much do 3-Star hotels in Weihai cost on the weekend?

    Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night on the weekend for hotels in Weihai is USD 54. 3-Star Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only.

  • When booking a 3-Star hotel in Weihai, what are the most popular areas to stay in?

    When visiting Weihai, many travelers choose to stay at 3-Star hotels in the following areas: West Coast .

Weihai 3-Star Hotel Guide

Weihai is located at the easternmost point of the Shandong peninsula. The Chengshantou scenic spot here is the first place on the sea where the sunrise can be seen in China. It also has many wide beaches, making it a famous summer resort. When you come to Weihai, you can enjoy fresh seafood. At the end of the 19th century, Liugong Island was once the naval base of the Beiyang Fleet. It witnessed the start of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 and the rise and fall of the Beiyang Fleet. Now on Liugong Island, you can still see the historic sites of the Beiyang Fleet and the Sino-Japanese War. Weihai is one of the ten most livable cities in China and as a coastal city, it is surrounded by mountains and seas. The city’s environment is excellent, and it is known for being clean and tidy. Its unique location affords it a pleasant and mild climate.

Weihai is made up of Huancui District (the urban area), Wendeng District, Rongcheng City, and Rushan City. Weihai has a small urban area. Famous attractions include Liugong Island, Huaxia City, Xianguding, Chinese ironclad Dingyuan, and Weihai Park, which are mainly in the eastern coast of the city. Among them, Liugong Island, which is located in Weihai Bay, is the core tourist area of the city. The island features Sino-Japanese War Museum, Liugong Island National Forest Park, and Jiawu Naval Battle Memorial. The international beach on the western coast is the major resort and leisure area in the city. There are also many major scenic spots in Rongcheng City located in the east of Weihai, including the famous Chengshantou National Scenic Area, Chishan Scenic Area, Hailv Island, and Shendiaoshan Wildlife Reserve. Rushan City, which is under the jurisdiction of Weihai, is also home to the Darushan Coastal Resort and Rushan Yintan.

Weihai has a lot to offer for visitors who like being outdoors. You can go to Chengshantou and Motianling to watch the see at the easternmost part of the coast of China, go to Hailv Island to enjoy the sunrise and watch the seabirds, or go to Jiming Island to experience the life of a fisherman for a few days. In addition, you can also go to the international beach or Silver Beach in Rushan, or check out the National Forest Park on Liugong Island. Weihai has a lot of beautiful cultural scenic spots, such as the Huaxiacheng Tourism Scenic Area that displays the essence of Huaxia culture in the downtown area. The magnificent antique buildings here are worth a visit. Also, the Weihai Film and Television City is suitable for family trips. The Chishan Scenic Area on the southern coast of Rongcheng is a shrine for prayers, and is home to the world's largest wrought bronze statue.

Weihai enjoys pleasant temperatures in the summer and is an ideal destination for summer vacations. It is the best time for travel. You can take a walk on the beach go hiking. Weihai can also be visited in the spring and fall, but the weather during those two seasons is relatively cool. Hotels in Weihai are mainly on the East Coast area, West Coast area, and downtown. There is a wide range of options and accommodation is also available near the train station.

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Wendeng Hot Spring Resort
4.5/5418 Reviews
East Coast
3.4/5116 Reviews
Wendeng Hot Spring Resort
4.5/5244 Reviews
West Coast
4.7/5362 Reviews
Weihai Downtown Area
3.3/5202 Reviews