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威海必打卡酒店 城市地标 黄金地段 稀缺独栋 名家设计...一楼咖啡厅 送的下午茶 饮品和点心很赞 装修风格相当的现代艺术风 还有很多艺术家的画作和墨宝 强烈推荐每天来一杯二楼一共三间房 正好我们一家包圆儿了 晚上整个岛都是我的 岛主!装修和用品超过一般五星酒店 具体看图吧 老板娘是一个很有想法和要求的的文艺青年 我估计可能目标是超过希尔顿...不然为什么马桶和垃圾桶都是全自动的....全景大窗 每天清晨被阳光叫醒的感觉很棒 看看海滩上赶海的人 已然乐不思归...三楼百尺360度全景露台...威海景色一览无余 夕阳西下 海风微微 静静享受这一刻的静谧与美好来威海不来c岛 说实话我也不知道还有哪儿可以住....
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The hotel is located right by the beautiful park by the bay. The walk to the morning maker was also a delightful joy.
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Definitely not a business hotel.I had to wait up to 15 minutes for lift to get down. 3 lifts for a 27 floor hotel with hundreds of rooms.Couldn't have breakfast cause no place to sit down. They don't even have coffee (well they have instant coffee).No international TV. Sea view room?, better buy a post card.However, extremely nice staff. Not to blame them for a disastrous hotel design and management.
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4.6/5Outstanding332 Reviews
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Very clean, good service, convenient transportation, close to the sea, I have always liked to choose Jinjiang Star, live comfortably, love and children are also very happy.
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Weihai Marine Park Hotel Guide

New and popular hotels in Weihai recommended by Book hotels in Weihai via the website or app, it's easy and hassle-free. Weihai is a city with tons of tourist attractions. You'll never want to leave! You can stay 3-5 days at hotels in Weihai without running out of things to do. Weihai is not far from Rongcheng and Rushan. These places can also be included in your itinerary.

For those traveling for business and tourism, Weihai Dashuibo Airport is the preferred choice when visiting Weihai. Besides flying, taking a train to Weihai Railway Station is one of the other major methods of transportation.

You don't have to worry about accommodations when traveling to Weihai. Here, there are more than 110 hotels for you to choose from. Weihai has high quality and low-priced hotels. You can spend one night at a nice hotel for only 47 USD. There are 9 five-star hotels in Weihai at an average price of 55 USD per night. There are 23 four-star hotels in Weihai at an average price of 110 USD per night. There are 28 three-star hotels in Weihai at an average price of 44 USD per night. There are 46 two-star hotels in Weihai at an average price of 33 USD per night. As a popular tourist city, Weihai has many renowned chain hotels. Hotels under the Howard Johnson brand are a good choice. In Weihai, chain hotels such as Howard Johnson are one of the top choices among travelers. The Brigh Center Hotel in Weihai is a favorite among users. Vienna International Hotel (Weihai Lotte Century City) is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

In the city center of Weihai, you'll have easy access to Weihai Huancui Tower Park. The most popular attractions for tourists in Weihai are Huaxia City, Liugong Island, Weihai Marine Park. This area boasts amazing cultural sights with attractions like Shandong Geology Museum Wendeng Branch, Wendeng Exhibition Center Length, Capacity and Weight Museum, Weihai Museum (Haibin Middle Road). There are quite a few parks like Haiyuan Park, The Seashore Park, Nanhai Park, all of which are great places to relax and spend time with friends and family. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like South Korean Boutique Shopping Mall to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 3.53°C during the day, 0.51°C at night

• April to June: 19.4°C during the day, 15.33°C at night

• July to September: 25.37°C during the day, 22.43°C at night

• October to December: 10.68°C during the day, 7.69°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 15.4 cm

• Summer: 49.53 cm

• Autumn: 137.53 cm

• Winter: 28.67 cm

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