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Fuxi Mountain siheyuan homestay
2.8/519 Reviews
Xinmixiliupan Homestay
4.9/519 Reviews
The room was clean and tidy, the small courtyard was quiet and elegant, and it was so enjoyable to stay here for two days after a busy week! In the evening, the proprietress provided a stove and charcoal fire. We had a great time drinking a little beer with our own skewers! The proprietress is very kind and amiable! Very good experience! The most important thing is that you can bring pets hahahaha!
Fuxi Mountain Xijian Yueshang Homestay
5/58 Reviews
The room facilities are convenient and the sanitation is very clean. This room type is too suitable for two families. The small yard is also very emotional, the yard is full of flowers and birds, and the green mountains are seen from a distance. The boss is very good, the dishes are very exquisite and delicious, friends eat in the yard, not to mention how beautiful, after dinner can also K song, especially suitable for three or five friends to come to this party.
Courtyard Guesthouse
4.8/515 Reviews
🚗 Transportation: It is very convenient. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get off the highway, which is convenient for parking. 🧹Hygienic: As a person with slight cleanliness, I am very satisfied! 🍃Environment: blue sky ~ white clouds ~ windmills ~ green trees ~ wild flowers, a good place for daze, drink tea, and relax. 🔔Service: You must praise the butler sister, contact me in advance, explain the route~keep warm and other details, as soon as you meet, you will be presented with exquisite fruits and exquisite breakfast. It is so loving! [Room]: The design of original wood color and the furniture made of rattan, fresh and comfortable, let people relax instantly. [Wonderful night view]: The night view of this homestay can be described as stunning: a starry sky tent, a cup of tea, a lounge chair, a piece of starlight, don’t be too dreamy! [Meals]: Unexpectedly exquisite, whether it is the value of the face or the taste, it is worth checking in and taking pictures. It is a homestay that must be used twice.
Yingying Mountain House B&B
5/523 Reviews
Live in the mountain villa, live in the scenery~ 嘤嘤 Shanju Villa is located in Shenxiandong Scenic Spot. It takes about 40 to 50 minutes to drive from Zhengzhou. There is no traffic jam along the way, and it arrived very smoothly. The housekeepers are very enthusiastic from the beginning of the reservation. The three villas stand in the mountains, and the scenery Very good, each villa has an independent large yard and charging pile, and it is very convenient to drive a tram~ It is very close to Fuxi Mountain Grand Canyon, Yunshang Ranch, and Hongshilin Scenic Spot. We also went to Yunshang Ranch to feed the deer, and also gave tickets to Shenxiandong Forest Park and Glass* Bridge, but even if you don’t go out, children can play in the store. All day, there is a big yard, there is a mahjong room, board games, etc., you can also barbecue, and there are also some children's play facilities~ We booked a room with a separate bathroom and a large public area. There are also some fruits, dried fruits, candies and other snacks in the public area, which are very considerate. The cleaning is also very clean, and the equipped toiletries are also good. There is a rooftop and a tea room on the roof, and guests who come to stay can use it for free~ I stayed with my children for one night, played for 2 days, and had a very pleasant weekend. Next time I bring my friends and a few families to pack a villa, it will be even more fun, and I look forward to coming again next time!
Fuxishan xingkong camp
4.6/557 Reviews
Very good, the sightseeing car to and from, the campsite is beautiful, the room is unique, the internal facilities are high-end, and the supplies are clean and tidy! Including breakfast, buffet, many varieties and delicious! Right next to the scenic spot on the top of the mountain, free coupons for the scenic parking lot are provided! The service staff is warm and thoughtful! Perfect! Just one disadvantage: the number of rooms is limited, so you need to grab a room! 😃😃😃

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