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Yilan County is located in the northeastern part of Taiwan, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one. It has dense forests and long coastlines. When the northeast monsoons blow in, Yilan experiences heavy rainfall and high humidity. Forests, swamps, rivers and ponds are scattered throughout the county. Yilan is home to many varieties of flora and fauna, including many varieties of birds. Some of the most well-known scenic spots in the county include Taiping Mountain, Cueifong Lake, Qilan, and Mingchi Scenic Area. There are many hotels in Yilan located around these scenic areas.

Yilan was the place where the indigenous Kavalan people lived for generations. The county was previously known as Kavalan, which means “people on the plain” in the local language. Yilan is situated above the Lanyang Plain. Located in the eastern part of the area is the vast Pacific Ocean and the Lanyang River. In the north, it faces the Taipei metropolitan area and is separated by the Tatun Volcano Group. Both the west and the south are the starting point of the Central Mountain Range.

Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Yilan. In the winter, it is often windy and rainy. There is a saying in Yilan which states that the best time to view the mountains is in June. This is because in the summer, the plants on the mountains are lush, the water is abundant, and it’s the best time to view the landscapes.

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