Hotels in Yogyakarta Reviews

4.3/5Excellent34 Reviews
Good environment no much noise from outside good to stay
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4.3/5Excellent14 Reviews
The hotel is really great! Must praise the hotel service! I think this price is really a good deal! Highly recommended!
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4.5/5Excellent26 Reviews
Hassle free check in process during night time after long ride for a short business trip. Room so spacious, comfy and very clean. Overall happy with the service given and definitely recommend for stay while in Jogja
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4.7/5Outstanding18 Reviews
Good Chinese restaurant. Enjoyed the services and facilities v much. The staff is very professional n service oriented.
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4.1/5Very Good18 Reviews
The room was clean and the hotel is very well located, breakfast is great !
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4.3/5Excellent14 Reviews
Yes, all aspects are good, the location is a bit biased
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yogyakarta Hotel Guide

Yogyakarta, the south central city of Java Island in Indonesia and the capital city of Yogyakarta Special Region, is one of the oldest cities on the island. It is the cradle of Javanese culture, the largest city, also an important economic and educational center of the island. There are many places of interest here, such as Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world, and Prambanan, a group of Hindu temples. These attractions are favored by tourists and see over 1 million visitors each year. In Indonesia, only Bali can compete with its appeal. The scenery in Yogyakarta exemplifies Indonesian culture.

Indonesia is located at the equator and is hot all year round with an average annual temperature of 27°C. The country has a tropical rainforest climate and has high levels of rainfall and humidity. From May to October each year, there is relatively less rain, making it the most popular season for visiting.

Hotels in Yogyakarta are inexpensive and although there are not many luxury hotels, beautiful and comfortable small hotels can be found everywhere. There are a large number of cheap family hotels in the alleys along the south side of Tugu Railway Station where prices range from IDR30-60 per person. There is enough availability in these hotels and generally no reservation is required. Yogyakarta hotels on Jl. Prawirotaman I and II streets about 2 kilometers south of the Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat area are a bit nicer, and some even have pools and other facilities. The price for these hotels is around IDR40-100.

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