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4.7/5Outstanding5140 Reviews
Manhattan Business Centre
everything you would expect from a hilton. The chinese restaurant in the hotel serves pretty good food.. pricey tho
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4.8/5Outstanding1785 Reviews
Downtown Manhattan
Vicky Wu was very kind as she brought hot honey water to my room for my Wife who was having headache. She has been constantly checking for room for improvement to help make the hotel a better place to stay. The aircon in gym is not working. The room is abit too dim at night.
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4.5/5Excellent1366 Reviews
Downtown Manhattan
It was quite a walk from the subway station. around 400-500 meters but staying here was worth it. The check-in was easy. The head staff could understand english well. The room was very clean, and was always tidied up well by the staff. The beds were very nice and comfy and there is a lot of room. The bathroom was fully equipped with a hair dryer and an electric shower head for hot water. The breakfast buffet had a lot of options and the food was delicious. I was so happy with my stay here.
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4.7/5Outstanding5171 Reviews
Zhengzhou East High-Speed Rail Station Area
Close to East Railway Station, easy for parking, the shower gel, shampoo and the small soap with a fruit flavor are good. Recommended.
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4.7/5Outstanding985 Reviews
Zhengzhou East High-Speed Rail Station Area
I stayed in this hotel for one night. The room was good as usual in a Holiday Inn but the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned properly. Breakfast was okay.
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4.7/5Outstanding3027 Reviews
CBD International Exhibition Center
Excellent new hotel in an iconic building. Nice small gesture from the reception staff in escorting the guess to elevator upon check in. Great location, 5 stars amenities. No complaint.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Zhengzhou Hotel Guide

Zhengzhou, located in the hinterland of China, is known to be the crossroads of the country’s transportation system. The railway has had much significance in the development of Zhengzhou. The city is home to the national railway hub - Zhengzhou Railway Station, and Asia's largest classification yard - Zhengzhou North Station. Zhengzhou is located to the south of the Yellow River, and Mount Songshan can be found to the west. The city has a long history, however, there are not many historical sites preserved in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is now a rising second-tier city and the core of the Central Plains City Cluster. Within the city, Zhengdong New District, the airport, and other new areas are growing at a fast pace. Many of the city’s top companies and institutions are located in the Zhengdong New District CBD, which has become a new landmark in the city.

Tourists who like history and culture can visit the Henan Provincial Museum, as well as old buildings such as the City God Temple and Wenmiao Temple. The new buildings in Zhengdong New Area are also worth a visit which create the city’s skyline when they light up at night. The most famous scenic spot known as the Center of Heaven and Earth is located in Dengfeng, southwest of Zhengzhou, where the Shaolin Monastery and Mount Songshan are located. If you want to visit the North Wei Grottoes, Du Fu's hometown, the snow cave known as Xuehuadong, head to Gongyi, located the west of Zhengzhou. The city of Xingyang, which is very close to Zhengzhou, is home to the Yellow River. The attractions found south of Zhengzhou in Xinzheng include the cultural relics of Bai Juyi’s hometown, the Yellow Emperor’s hometown, and the ruins of the Peiligang site.

Zhengzhou has a typical continental monsoon humid climate with four distinct seasons and a mild temperature. Most of the rainfall is concentrated in July, August, and September. The spring and autumn are cool and also the time when flowers blossom, making it the best season for tourism. At this time, there are also many hotels in Zhengzhou to choose from. During these seasons, it’s a good choice to visit the Yellow River Scenic Area and Zhengzhou Forest Park. You can also drop by to visit the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng. Because of the increase in rainfall, there are waterfalls and streams in the mountains with gorgeous scenery. When compared to spring and autumn, summers in Zhengzhou are quite hot with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Winter and spring are very dry, and often it will not rain for a few weeks. Because of the dryness in the winters, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water if you’re visiting during that period.

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