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10 Extreme Winter Sports You Must Try

Dec 6, 2019

With extreme sports becoming more and more popular, the cold and gloomy days of winter are becoming the most exciting time of the year. Always remember that most of the winter sports do require intense training and practice because of the nature of the rocky terrains or harsh weather. Some of the extreme sports can be quite dangerous as well, so it’s always best to find the right locations and use the apt pieces of equipment before you start your winter adventures.

If you are wondering which winter sport to master, then there are quite a few options laid out for you.

Snow kiting

Similar to water-based kiteboarding, snowkiting is a fun activity during wintertime. Snowkiting is receiving so much attention and is becoming more and more popular. This sport works by using kite power to slide on the snow-capped terrains. Inflammable kites are the most common type of kites that are used today, but the most recent kites are the racing foil kites. With time and newer technologies, snowkiting is getting better, and experiences of taking part in the sport are getting much better and safer. Snowkiting is a great sport to try out with friends and family as well. This sport required high energy levels and so over-layering yourself can lead to feeling hot after a while. Hence, layer your clothes just enough for the cold winds and not too much.

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Ice yachting

Winter sports are a lot of fun when you have a group or a few friends with you. Ice yacht is yet another sport that is great to try out with friends this winter time. Ice yachts are similar to sailboats but are crossed by an ice skate instead and is used to slide over the ice at a fast pace. Ice yachting is mostly performed as a sport for racing other iceboats. Some of the counties where ice yachting is quite popular are Sweden, Canada, Norway, Gulf of Finland and of course U.S.. The iceboat as a sport and recreational hobby have seen the transformation over the years. The ice yachts that are around 40ft length can hold nearly 6 to 7 people who are distributed in a way to make sure the boat is at a good balance.

This sport is quite interesting because it has a long history. Ice yachting is not just a modern sport. In fact, it used to be a lot more popular in Europe so many years ago. It is said that the Dutch introduced iceboats to transport their goods during the icy winter months. However, over the years this technique received attention and was soon transformed into a recreational sport and now is growing in many parts of the world.

Snow kayaking

Snow kayaking is becoming a trendy winter sport that many people are learning. This interesting sport is a combination of snowboarding, kayaking and speed riding, and so snow kayaking is an extreme sport that gives you the thrill of all the three adventure sports. It was first initiated in 2002 in Austria by a few local kayakers. Like other winter sports, snow kayaking also requires important pieces of equipment and winter wears such as eye gear, helmets that protect athletes from the harsh winds and water spray. A two-bladed paddle is also used to make sure that balance is kept. This game has a lot to do with keeping your balance and being brave enough to fly over the snow.

Shovel racing

A popular sport in the US is the shovel racing in which the riders use a shovel to go down snowy slopes. This sport was first discovered in the 1970s in the mountains of north-central New Mexico. At first, it was not meant for recreation, but rather was a technique to take lifts, and it was practiced by lift operators to make work easier. Over time, they started racing down and soon shovel racing become quite popular and received much attention in many parts of the world.

This fun-filled sport used to be quite popular as it was played in winter X games. When it first began getting the popularity, it was started as a small contest. However, due to safety issues the game was removed later.

Ice diving

Ice diving is an extreme sport that is also a great option to make sure you have an eventful winter. Ice diving is not as easy as many of the other sports, and it involves life-threatening risks as well. You need special equipment to partake in this sport. Ice diving, as the name suggests, is diving under the ice. It is done in an overhead environment, whereas double tanks must also be used. When it comes to ice diving, there is always a surface crew for emergency concerns. Hence, ice diving is a team sport and must not be done alone. While trying our ice diving, there should always be a safety diver to follow in case of any problems. This sport needs training and definitely a lot of guts. Ice diving is a unique form of diving that is really thrilling and exciting.


This is one of the most satisfying winter sports that you can truly enjoy. Snocross is a racing sport that uses snowmobiles on tracks with many different hurdles like tight turns, extreme jumps, and other tough obstacles. Over the recent years, snocross has increased in popularity and is one of the sought after form of snowmobile races and a really popular one among all the other winter sports. During the race, the snowmobiles go up to 60 miles per hour, ad some of the steep jumps are as high as 30 feet. The word snocross is derived from "snowmobile" and "motocross", and just like the name suggests it involves both these sports.

Snocross requires extreme weather conditions in order to keep the tracks frozen. If you want to try it out, you also need to get the right equipment which involves gloves, eye protection, helmet, elbow pads, shin guards, upper body protection and new guards. This is a sport that is popular in the United States, Canada, Sweden, and Finland.

Speed flying

Here’s another exciting and risk involved sport to keep your winter spirits high. Speed flying is a version of paragliding, and it requires you to know how to paraglide along with skiing. Just like paragliding, speed flying also is done from a slope with the inflated wings above you. One major difference that you will note is that the wings are smaller than the usual ones used in paragliding. This makes it easier to fly close to the mountainous regions, and the small size of the wing makes it more suitable during heavy winds as well. Just like the name suggests speed flying is all about the speed that makes the sport thrilling and adventurous.

Ski jumping

You want to try extreme sports that involve speed, excitements, risks and absolute adventure, then ski jumping is definitely something that you should try. This interesting game is one among the many winter sports that take place in winter Olympic sports since 1924. In the Olympics, there are different levels of the sport that include both individual and team ski jump sports.

One of the popular sites for ski jumping is Holmenkollen which was also where the World Championships in 2011 took place. Holmenkollen is considered to have one of the best sports arenas in the world for Ski jumping.

Big mountain skiing

Other terms that are used to refer to Big Mountain Skiing is free ride or extreme skiing. This is one among the few winter sports that mostly involves high speed on steep mountainous terrains and also included some extremely adventurous stunts like cliff jumps. This is a great winter sport that can be mastered and is definitely a lot of fun. Extreme skiing has also been made famous because of movies like Maltese Flamingo.

Big mountain skiing can be extremely dangerous, and hence it requires prior preparations and training. There have been incidents of fatal accidents because of the rough and rocky nature of the mountains. However, if you are trained well and have the right equipments this sport is surely worth trying.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is one of the popular winter Olympic sports which is quite exciting and played in many parts of the world. Ice hockey can be done only when you are well versed in the art of skiing as it involves some intricate tricks and movements. Ice hockey is quite a serious sport and there are so many people getting into it. Hockey skating is a fun way of doing the same sport just for fun and not for the sake of playing a competitive match.

A typical NHL ice hockey match consists of 60 minutes of playing time, which are spit into three 20-minute slots. There is also a 17-minute interval after the first and second slots as well.

Like most other winter sports, ice hockey also requires you to be well protected and guarded due to the hard ice or board surfaces.


Snowboarding is another really fun snow sports that are worth trying. This sport involves gliding down a snow-covered surface using a snowboard that is usually attached to the feet of the rider. The key differences between snowboarding and skiing are that snowboarding does not use poles and most people use softer boots for flexibility. Since the 1960s this sport has been receiving more attention and many people love to go snowboarding in winter. In the year 1998, snowboarding was brought into the winter Olympic sports and thus rose to popularity all over the world.


The United States and Scandinavian countries are the places that are quite popular for most winter sports.

Snowmobiling has many other names including motor sled, motor sled, snow scooter, skimobile, or snowmachine. In fact, snowmobiling is also one of the winter sports that grew quite popular in the US. This sport uses a vehicle run on a motor that is engineered to go through snowy roads and trails. Earlier, snowmobiles were built in a way to accommodate more than one person. However, these days snowmobiling mostly has space for just one person who controls the vehicle. This makes the activity a lot more exciting. This sport, like many other extreme sports, does include risks of accidents and other safety issues. But if you master it and use the right equipment and mobiles, it is a lot of fun.

The riders of the snowmobiles are referred to as snowmobilers or sledders. Driving a snowmobile, cutting through the snow and beating the cold winds are surely thrilling experiences in itself. The one reason why many people enjoy snowmobiling much more than many other winter sports is because it does not require a road or trail, but rather done on open terrains. Snowboarding, along with many other snow sports, as a recreational sport has been seeing many transformations over the years as more and more people are leaning towards it.

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If you enjoy skiing then here is another great sport that you are sure to enjoy for winter. Heli-skiing is a type of downhill skiing reached by helicopter. It has become quite popular in Canada and Switzerland where it has also become commercialized. Heli-skiing is said to be started by Hans Gmoser, a mountain guide from Austria in the year 1965. If you plan to try out this sport you have to make sure to go to the right places. The two best places where you can find this activity are Alaska and British Columbia. On the other hand, Heli-skiing is quite an expensive sport, but if you enjoy the thrill of extreme sports then this one is meant for you.

Despite all the fun and thrill that this sport involves, there is a negative factor to it as well. It has been identified that heli-skiing can be hazardous to the environment, especially to wild animals because it is mostly taken place in the wilderness. Hence, a few countries including Germany and France have banned this sport.

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Dog sledding

This is an interesting sport that is seen in some really cold countries where dogs are used to race over snow-covered places. This sport needs a team of sled dogs that are used to pull a sled along with the person controlling them. Dog sleding has different ranges, some short distances and some are long distances as well. Some of the races vary based on the number of dogs involved in each race. This is quite an interesting and exciting sport to take part and it is also a great sport to watch and enjoy. At some places, sled dogs are used for different purposes such as to transport mail and medicines. This is a unique winter sport to try out and is not as dangerous as many other winter sports.

Ice climbing

If you enjoy rock climbing, then here’s a winter version for you. Ice climbing is done by climbing up vertical ice pillars like cliffs of other icy formations. This is a sport that is quite similar to rock climbing, but just that the rocks are ice formations. This sport requires equipment and tools that are specifically meant for ice climbing.

There are different techniques that need to be mastered for this sport such as flat footing and front pointing. To get better at the art of Ice climbing, there are many courses that are available as well. These courses differ based on height, total pitches, angle and they are split across as 9 progressive grades.

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