Dali B&B | Visitors to Dali usually live in the ancient city, but my trip to Dali chose the relatively "clear sugar hotel" outside the core area of the ancient city. The style of the home is full of design, simple and not lacking in design. There is a huge mirror of the sky on the top floor of the hotel. The coffee house transformed with containers in the courtyard, the bar on the ground floor, the gym and the book bar can make the time in the hotel full. Although the hotel is not in the core area of Dali Old Town, it is not far from the ancient city. It is also a few minutes away from the Bo'aimen Gate. Room: I live in a room with a mirror of the sky, and the room comes with a sky facing Cangshan. The design of the room is also simple, and the floor-standing Yamaha sound makes the stay experience even better. Address: No. 215, Luyu Road, Dali Ancient Town
Posted: Mar 14, 2019
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Dali RunMei Guest House Address - No. 120, Group 2, Dongmen Village Committee, Dali Ancient Town((The Intersection of One Tower Road and Hongwu Road, South of Bohai Gate), Dali Ancient Town, Dali, 671000, China Ambiance/Facilities - Mediterranean style, calm, serene, luxury, natural, paddling pool, train pick-up. Highlights - Close to Ancient Town, Design, location, owners (English speakers), high quality facilities, stand-alone bathtub, delicious Chinese breakfast, two furry friends! Avg. Price per Person -  average 310rmb per night. Rating - 10/10! This incredibly beautiful, Mediterranean inspired hotel absolutely blew us away. Not only were the owners incredibly nice and welcomingtheir little fur babies were super friendly too! Any question we had, they answered and helped us out a lot. The room was stunning. We were upgraded and couldn't have been more grateful. I loved the bathtub, it was just what I needed after a day of hiking. The breakfast was delicious and just right, with Illy coffee freshly ground in the morning, we felt relaxed and serene to begin our day. If you're staying in Dali, I URGE you to stay here. It's a hidden gem, a short 10 minutes stroll from the gates of the old city too. Before leaving for Lijiang, my husband said " I wish we could just take this hotel with us! " and it's so true. If we ever visit Dali again, the Dali RunMei Guest House will be our home < 3 #uniquelodging#beautifulhotel#roadtrip#summervacation#hotelstay#urbanexplorer
love this place
Gloriya 苏
dali erhai habitat hotel
Dali Chaomei Homestay, the beautiful scenery of the Bohai Sea, such as the Wonderland h "The Land of the Bohai Sea" overlooking the Cangshan Erhai Lake, is a courtyard home with a small garden, where you can enjoy the sun, swing, tea Read a book, be in a daze. B&B uses a lot of natural elements such as wood, stone, flowers and green plants to create a simple and elegant, natural and simple style, which makes people live very comfortable. Wake up in the morning sun, stretch out on the terrace and take this picture of the sea and sky as your own. Lying on the sofa in the evening, drinking a cup of tea, waiting for the sunset and the long years. There are only 10 rooms in the Bohai Sea. The large floor-to-ceiling windows bring the sky and the countryside to the people's eyes, promoting dialogue between nature and people. Reading or stunned in the warm sunshine by the window, leisurely. Just like the sunshine, you can sit on the swing and take a few idyllic views while sunbathing on the sun. Facing the sea, spring blossoms. Photo Guide: 1 The large floor-to-ceiling windows in the house bring bright light to the room. Plus the design of the room and the space is large enough to take pictures at the window. 2 has a place for bookshelves and tea, and it is also a good choice. 3 There are a lot of flowers and plants in the yard. It is important to have rabbits, super cute, and especially awkward. You can go and hug it~ Suggestion: The hotel is very good, just go to Dali Ancient Town. It will be as convenient as living in the ancient city, which is a few kilometers away from the ancient city. You can rent an electric car here, or take a taxi in the past, the front desk can help call. If you are in Dali time, it is recommended to live in the ancient city. If you have a good time, it will be a good choice. In addition, you can see the sunrise of the Bohai Sea. You used to live in Dali ancient city to try it here~ / Hh/ Cost: 500 Address: Huanxi West Road, Longsheng North Village, Dali Town, Dali City