Dubai Play Guide | Thrilling High-altitude Experience

| Thrilling high-altitude experience. Sky and sea heart-pounding! Dubai's super thrilling adventure experience! If you don't want to simply wander and take photos on your trip📸, why not play something exciting!! 🎈From the sky to the sea, from outdoors to indoors, from height to speed...... 🔻XLINE High-altitude Zipline Dubai Marina XLine is the world's longest, fastest, and steepest urban zipline, flying over Dubai Marina from a height of 170 meters at a speed of about 80 kilometers per hour, absolutely thrilling 🔻Skydiving You can skydive on Jumeirah Palm Island, overlooking the excellent scenery of Palm Island and the city, this project has appeared in multiple variety shows 🔻Helicopter The God's eye view is really shocking. Overlooking the whole of Dubai, you can feel the miracle of the city's rise from half sea and half desert🏜️. Looking for landmarks in the sky🧐, you can see the Khalifa Tower, ⛵Sailboat Hotel, and the full view of Jumeirah Palm Island 🔻Gyrocopter Flight A niche and special experience, a perfect one-on-one experience, the front row is the pilot, the back row is you, taking you to embrace the blue sky without hesitation, overlooking the entire city. 🔻Hot Air Balloon Tour Don't just know about the romantic Turkey🇹🇷! Dubai also has Arabic romance~ Dubai's desert hot air balloon, takes you to appreciate the magnificent Arabian desert🏜️scenery, you can also soar with the falcon🦅 in the same sky, experience a unique air adventure, accompanied by the sunrise🌅, the hot air balloon will take you to fly over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve at a height of 1200 meters from the ground, following the desert wind direction floating in the sky, you can enjoy the sunrise🌅, gazelle ranch and the majestic Sharjah mountain range⛰️ through the shocking perspective
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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