Winter is for going to the beach~ Experience the luxury trip in Dubai

It's too cold in the north in winter, plus the smoggy weather😷, it's simply suffocating. The retired aunts have lived in Hainan since the end of October in winter, and they will come back in spring. As a northern girl, I really love the beach, especially in winter, I must go to the warm off-season beach Jumeirah Beach Park 📆【Travel Guide】 📆Itinerary: A week is enough for a deep tour of Dubai alone, and it is a visa-free country, you can set off with your passport. 👉Day1, check in to a city or beach hotel, you can choose Jumeirah Beach Hotel Jumeirah Beach Hotel I have stayed at Novotel Hotel Dubai World Trade Center Novotel Hotel twice, near the world trade center, the hotel has a shuttle bus to Jumeirah Beach, Dubai mall, you can take a walk around the hotel on the first day and take a rest. 👉Day2, go to Dubai Mall Dubai Shopping Center shopping, shopping, shopping, watch the Burj Khalifa light show Burj Khalifa in the evening, listen to two fountain music, have a good meal, it's really enjoyable 👉Day3, 🌻Go to Dubai Gold Street and Spice Street in the morning to stroll around Dubai Gold Market, it is said that French perfume cannot do without Dubai's essence, the essence lasts longer, you can buy some as gifts for family and friends. There are also saffron, gold, but I buy saffron in Iran, because Dubai's saffron is produced in Iran. 🌻Go to Jumeirah Beach Jumeirah Beach Park after 4 pm in the afternoon, you can rest at the hotel after lunch, it's not too sunny after 4 pm, and you can see the night view of the sailboat hotel Jumeirah Sailboat Hotel in the evening. 👉Day4, Dubai Palm Island for a day Jumeirah Palm Island, if you like extreme sports, you can try skydiving, super exciting 👉Day5, Dubai Ancient City & Iranian Town 👉Day6, Dubai Future Museum Dubai Future Museum, a museum very close to the hotel 👉Day7 Return 🚗Transportation Guide: There are direct flights to Dubai from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., bring your passport and US dollars, and it's very convenient to take a taxi in the city. 🌟Highlights of the trip: Satisfy shopping + vacation, ample time, very enjoyable, and not too tired. 💰Per capita consumption: Transportation, accommodation, hotel, attractions, etc. are enough for 8K per capita, gold and luxury goods are calculated separately 📌Small Tips: If you feel that you have plenty of time, you can take a day to go to Abu Dhabi Mosque Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Louvre Abu Dhabi Louvre The most important thing is to do a good job of sun protection
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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