Dubai Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Hotel ~ ANWA is so great to see the beautiful sunset view!

Back to Dubai again, the flight landed directly to Dubai Bab Al Shams Desert Resort ~ After the renovation in 2023, the reopened Bab Al Shams added subtle Moorish details ~ Under the cover of palm trees, between the sand dunes ~ Enjoy the warm holiday time! This time we stayed in the luxury suite of Dubai Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Hotel, as if we were living in a dream castle deep in the desert ~ The renovated Bab Al Shams joined the same group of Atlantis and One&Only's Kerzner, becoming the group's first Rare Finds brand hotel. Bab Al Shams is a refreshing resort in the desert, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with its own tranquil and elegant world. The comfortable infinity pool here gives people an unprecedented tranquility. "The compass in the desert does not point to the south, but to the oasis. Life is like a desert journey, your goal should not be the unreachable end, but the oases full of hope along the way." The oasis is like the beauty that quietly comes in life. When the pursuit of perfection seems unrealistic, there are these oases that carry peace to comfort you ~ The new Bab Al Shams not only has comfortable rooms, but also has a desert-view terrace and a variety of dining options ~ I especially like the outdoor rest area in the ANWA rooftop lounge, where you can enjoy the sunset glow of the desert ~ Here, while indulging in the magnificent sunset, tasting carefully prepared cocktails and Pan-Asian style food, feeling the double pleasure of beautiful scenery and food is the perfect moment in holiday time!
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
Peter Chege
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Peter Chege
Peter Chege
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Bab Al Shams, A Rare Finds Desert Resort, Dubai

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