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Escape the city to breathe | Emei Mountain Zen Homestay

|Emei Mountain Zen Homestay. Escape the city to breathe | Emei Mountain Zen Homestay🍃 After staying in the city for a long time, I always want to run to the mountains whenever I have time, not to the crowded scenic spots, but to be alone is more relaxing. 🗻I didn't go to the Golden Summit when I went to Emei Mountain. Going to the hot springs halfway up the mountain and drinking with my sisters until I was slightly drunk is my correct vacation mode~ I arrived at the homestay in the evening, had dinner and started the night chat and soup journey. The next day, accompanied by a little snow falling in the early morning, I slowly went downstairs to have breakfast, sat around the fire, and wasted the time of doing nothing on vacation. It's so comfortable~ 📍Emei Mountain Lotus Hall Nanxi Homestay The room I stayed in was 'Tianshui Bishang House·Shen' The private soup environment is great~ It's suitable for couples and girlfriends to travel. The only thing is that the hot spring water is not hot enough, and it's a bit cold later. The homestay service is more considerate, and any problems are quickly solved. Overall, it's not bad
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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