Hotel Collection 'Red Pearl Mountain Guesthouse'

I came to Emei Mountain again with my sister on the weekend! The 'Red Pearl Mountain Guesthouse' at the foot of the mountain is also my second choice for staying in Emei (the other one is Yunfu Li, I will recommend it to you later) Located in the mountains, the surging green is my summer heart. By the 27-degree small lake, I look forward to everything after the mist dissipates, it will become clear, right? To the left of the hotel is the uphill road. Although I am not a person on the top of the mountain But being able to stroll in it is also free and comfortable Here, every green magnetic field surrounded by valleys is a parallel time and space full of energy, which allows me to have a quiet and beautiful weekend for a short time Next to the hotel is the Baoguo Temple. Suddenly I understood the fun of visiting temples. Today, I also came to rub everyone's good luck Here, you can have the sage time of contemporary young people for free, copy the 'Heart Sutra', you can also hike up along the Fuhu Temple in the afternoon, and the hot spring bath with my sister after dinner is the simplest happiness in this journey In the evening by the small lake, blowing the breeze and counting the stars, I will also think about those who like to look up at the stars like me, will they also be emitting their own light?
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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