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Emei Mountain Print Theme Mountain and Lake Hotel Environment This guesthouse is located at the core section of the foot of Mount Emei. Here the willows are swaying in the breeze, the bamboo forest is lush, this place is not only a pure land away from the hustle and bustle, but also a way of life that returns to the countryside and steals half a day of leisure. Appearance The guesthouse retains the most fashionable and atmospheric modern luxury style, high-end tones, allowing you and your friends to feel the exclusive luxury of Emei fairyland in the tired journey. Room The guesthouse has a variety of characteristic room types, in addition to the big bed room, double room, it also has suites and villas, which can meet the consumption needs of different groups of people. And all rooms come with a leisure courtyard, the environment is private and comfortable, super awesome! The interior decoration is also very atmospheric. Traditional Chinese paintings are hung on the walls, describing the local customs of Leshan, and the carefully decorated farmhouse items make each guest room exude a strong rural art atmosphere. Features Leshan barbecue is very famous, and the barbecue in the guesthouse is even more special, with every family having such a handsome little brother to barbecue. The pork belly and chicken wings sizzle under the charcoal fire, and the unique aroma is also immersed in the artistic conception of the mountain and lake.
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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