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You will know how good this homestay in Luomu Ancient Town is once you stay there

I went to Luomu Ancient Town in autumn. I liked it so much that I decided to stay for a night. The ancient town is not big, and there are only a few inns. After searching online, everyone recommended Muran Homestay. There must be a reason for so many people to recommend it, so I went. This homestay is located at the head of the town. Navigate to the town government and you will arrive in a few steps. It's a two-story house with a small courtyard. Looking from the outside in, someone is sitting at the window drinking coffee. At the entrance, there is a plaque that says 'The wind that misses you has reached Luomu'. Haha, 'the wind that misses you' has already blown all over China. Even so, everyone is still happy to take photos with 'the wind that misses you'. The reason for liking to stay in a homestay is simple, it's as casual as at home. While checking in, you can ask the housekeeper to make a cup of coffee or tea, and sit by the solid wood tea table to drink a few sips to relieve fatigue. Muran Homestay has ten rooms, five standard rooms and five big beds. The room is quite large, with two sofas under the window, simple. The bathroom is separated from the wet and dry, smart toilet. I have the habit of washing my hair every day, and I need to use conditioner. Many inns are not prepared, so I always bring my own. But at Muran Homestay, you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring conditioner, even hand cream is prepared for you. From these small details, it can be seen that the operators of the homestay are people who value the quality of life. In our conversation with the owner of Muran Homestay, we learned that she is a local, and her husband is a painter from Guangzhou. A few years ago, the couple bought this two-story house, and after it was installed, they made full use of it. Not only did they live in it, but they also opened a tea room and coffee shop in the front yard on the first floor, and the guest rooms were in the back. There are guest rooms and the painter's studio on the second floor. We were fortunate to have a look. The painter painted a lot of scenery of Luomu Ancient Town. Isn't this the dream of many people? Have your own small shop and do what you like. So, in January 2024, my classmates and I revisited Luomu Ancient Town and stayed in Muran Homestay again. That afternoon, we gathered together to make tea around the stove. The tea room was filled with winter plum blossoms, and there was a faint fragrance. The owner gave us peanuts, chestnuts, and red dates, plus what we brought ourselves, and filled a table. A few classmates who haven't seen for a long time, chat while drinking tea. In the curling smoke, time unknowingly passed. When I thought of taking pictures, the light was a bit dark, but it's always nice to take pictures in a homestay. For dinner, the owner recommended the floating fragrance hot pot in the town, which was really delicious. A few people only spent more than 100 yuan, which was too cheap.
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Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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