The visual feast under Mount Emei is really worth the trip

- Travel to Mount Emei with family! Passing by a super large drama fantasy city under Mount Emei🤩 To be honest, I was really looking forward to the performance of 'Only Mount Emei' before climbing Mount Emei It can bring more enjoyment to my Emei trip The opening of the ten thousand characters really amazed me! Each scene is a different scene, you need to move with the scene change! Later, even the audience became a part of the drama Different stories, different themes, and different scenes What attracts me the most is the scene of the porter The porters on Mount Emei have deeply touched me for generations as the background of the story I think watching this performance and then traveling to Mount Emei will have more deep gains This night brought me the ultimate visual enjoyment and spiritual communication There is an immersive village next to it at four o'clock in the afternoon! There are various npc interactions and immersive performances inside, which are also worth seeing! Mountain TourismMountainTravelEmei MountainSummitEmei Mountain Drama Fantasy CityTravel
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Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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