It is highly recommended to visit Mount Emei in winter

In this season, Mount Emei is really beautiful, not only can you see the fairy-tale snow scene, but also the sunrise sea of clouds, it's really amazing. Mount Emei is not only beautiful, but also one of the four major Buddhist mountains, it's magnificent. 🚗Transportation: 1⃣️For tourists from other places and those who don't drive, you can take a bullet train to Emei Mountain Station. After leaving the station, you can take the sightseeing bus according to the instructions (buy a full mountain public bus ticket for ¥90, or you can buy it in sections). 2⃣️Self-driving can drive into the mountain, and can go as far as the zero kilometer parking lot. Then take a bus to Leidongping (round trip ¥50) Travel advice: ✔️Mount Emei is not a pet-friendly scenic spot, please do not bring small dogs; ✔️The temperature on the top of the mountain is low in winter, remember to bring a thermos cup, down jacket, gloves, hat, warm baby, scarf, it's very cold on the mountain and the wind will make you dizzy, you can wear thicker clothes, stormtrooper clothes, down jackets and other warm clothes; ✔️If your shoes are not good at gripping, it is recommended to rent iron shoes, and please walk carefully to avoid slipping; ✔️If you choose to walk to the top or down the mountain, it will take at least five to six hours, so you need to plan your time; ✔️When you encounter monkeys on the mountain, please do not feed them with your hands to avoid annoying them, and please try not to bring food up the mountain to avoid attracting monkeys.
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Posted: Feb 11, 2024
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