Mount Emei | Immersive drama experience, feel the taste of the New Year's drama

Soul and body, there is always one on the road For me, Mount Emei is a place I've always wanted to go Experience the majestic and spectacular view of 'I will be the top, overlooking the small mountains' In addition, the 'Only Mount Emei' under Mount Emei is not to be missed! During the New Year, I went to Emei with my family and friends In the afternoon, I visited the garden fair and watched various performances, The park is full of New Year's atmosphere, from the dragon and tiger leaping dragon dance To Sichuan opera face-changing, twisting Yangko and martial arts recruitment, the whole is a festive New Year's atmosphere, you can also participate in games, throwing pots and rolling iron rings, these are all we loved when we were kids, here is a return to the atmosphere of the New Year when we were kids, we had a great time! After visiting the garden fair, you must watch 'Only Emei', the whole immersive drama experience, the immersive feeling is great 👏 There are several parts of the theme, each theme is a specific scene, the beginning of the sea of clouds story, as if already on top of Mount Emei, overlooking the ever-changing sea of clouds, start a close conversation with the sea of clouds! The second part tells the story of an old man saving a suicidal woman, incorporating Buddhist reincarnation, cause and effect, etc., different ages and different life stories, walking off the stage close contact really deep feeling There is also the 'porter' story in the 'everyone is a porter, just carrying different things' I also deeply feel, everyone knows that the Shu Road is difficult, at each period there are different porters on Mount Emei with their hardships, writing different stories, and each of us in life is also, bearing various pressures, carrying forward, still love life! More than two hours of drama experience, really fast, After watching it, I still feel unfinished, I want to make another appointment with my friends in the New Year Mount EmeiTourismEmeiDramaFoodCulture
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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