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Just came back from Mount Emei, please don't go and step on the landmines

Mount Emei after snowfall is truly breathtaking! The white snow, blue sky and sea of clouds☁️ are not enough to see! If you go to Mount Emei recently, be sure to check out these precautions⚠️ They are all dry goods, don't step into the pit! ✔️Bring your ID card🪪 You need it for the cable car and sightseeing car, if you don't bring it, you can only register for a paper one but you have to queue for a long time ✔️Bring motion sickness medicine💊 If you take a car from Huangwan to the mountain, it takes about 2⃣️ hours, the mountain road is winding and easy to get carsick ✔️About the cable car🚡 There are two types, round trip: only when there are 100 people can you go up, you have to queue for a long time; circulating: 6-person small cable car, it will be faster ✔️Tour order🚶 Get off the sightseeing car👉cable car👉Golden Summit Go straight to the Golden Summit without stopping in the middle‼️ The scenery of the Golden Summit is the best, you can take pictures of the snow scenery and monkeys along the way when you come down📷 ✔️The weather on the Golden Summit changes quickly, when the weather is good you can take pictures of the sea of clouds, and the Buddha statue under the blue sky is really beautiful! If the weather is bad, you can wait a little bit, maybe it will be clear in a while🌈 ✔️Ice claws, shoe covers can be brought, especially ice claws! It's very necessary when going down the mountain😭 ✔️🐒Monkeys: The monkeys on Mount Emei are so big, they don't come out much when there are many people, but be careful when there are few people, guard your belongings
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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