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Under the universal radiance of Buddha's light, the magnificent landscapes and Zen journey unfold

🌟【Unveiling the Mysteries of Mount Emei】 Mount Emei, ranking first among China's four sacred Buddhist mountains and a dual heritage of nature and culture, attracts countless travelers with its majestic and perilous natural scenery and profound Buddhist cultural heritage. Here, one can find both the stunning beauty of competing peaks shrouded in mist and the Zen world of temples with the melodious sound of Buddhist chants. 🍃【Spotlight on Attractions·A Heavenly Scroll of Landscapes】 1. Pilgrimage to the Golden Summit: The Golden Summit, at an altitude of 3099 meters, is the highest point of Mount Emei and the best spot to watch the sunrise, admire the sea of clouds, and gaze upon the Buddha's light. The resplendent ten-direction Samantabhadra bronze statue stands tall here, awe-inspiring and spiritually cleansing. 2. Zen Practice at Wannian Temple: The Wannian Temple, established during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, is surrounded by ancient trees and resonant bell sounds. It houses the world-famous Beamless Brick Hall and the 62-ton Samantabhadra on Elephant bronze statue, making it an unmissable stop for experiencing Zen meditation and understanding Buddhist culture. 3. Listening to the Spring at Qingyin Pavilion: The clear and tranquil waters of Qingyin Lake ripple gently, with streams on both sides of Qingyin Pavilion converging to form the exquisite scenery of 'Dual Bridges and Clear Sounds.' Listening to the babbling brooks here, one feels the peace and harmony of nature, as if stepping into a poetic painting. 🍲【Gourmet Exploration·Authentic Emei Flavors】 The delicacies at the foot of Mount Emei are also drool-worthy. Don't forget to try these specialty dishes: • Emei Tofu Pudding: Smooth and delicate tofu pudding served with a variety of condiments, offering a clear taste hierarchy, is a wonderful breakfast to start the journey. • Snow Konjac Braised Duck: A stew made with Mount Emei's special konjac and tender duck meat, rich in flavor and nutrients. • Emei Mountain Tea: Enjoy a cup of authentic Emei Xueya or Zhuyeqing tea on the mountain, with its refreshing aroma that invigorates the mind. 🚅【Travel Tips·Seamless Journey】 Departing from downtown Chengdu: • High-speed Rail/Intercity Train: Take the Cheng-Mian-Le Intercity Railway to Emei Mountain Station, then transfer to a bus or taxi to the entrance of the scenic area. • Self-driving: Drive along the Cheng-Le Expressway directly to Emei Mountain City, then follow the signs to the scenic area parking lot. • Long-distance Bus: There are multiple buses from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station to Emei Mountain Passenger Transport Center. 📅【Itinerary Suggestions】 • One-day trip: Arrive at Mount Emei in the morning, take the sightseeing bus to Leidongping, and walk to the Golden Summit; in the afternoon, descend the mountain, passing by Wannian Temple for a brief visit before returning to the foot of the mountain. • Two-day trip: The same as the first day, stay overnight at the Golden Summit or a mid-mountain hotel, watch the sunrise the next morning, then descend the mountain and visit places like Qingyin Pavilion, returning in the evening. • In-depth tour: Allocate three or more days to fully appreciate the major attractions of Mount Emei, interspersing the experience with Zen meditation, hiking, and other unique activities. ✨Mount Emei, this magical land bestowed by nature, not only satisfies your longing for beautiful scenery but also offers a tranquil retreat for your soul amidst the hustle and bustle.
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Posted: Apr 11, 2024
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