The nearest sea to Shenyang

Drive two hours from Shenyang , away from the hustle and bustle of the city, embrace the blue sea ! The soft beach is a paradise for children to let go of themselves ! There is no noise of Bayuquan, nor the crowds of Mountain and Sea Square, only the song of the sea and the laughter of children... Liaoning Tuan Mountain National Marine Park Travel Guide Clothes In spring and autumn, adults need to wear long sleeves and jackets, especially to keep children warm, the wind by the sea is quite strong; it is best to bring a one-piece swimsuit for children, which is warm and not afraid of getting wet! In summer, be sure to bring mosquito repellent and mosquito patches; in winter, wear warm clothes and a one-piece swimsuit, check the weather before you come, don't be afraid of cloudy days and snow, as long as the wind is small, you can come! Food To be honest, the only inconvenience here is eating! You can eat at the hotel where you stay, but there is nothing special! If you want to eat farmhouse dishes, I recommend Qiaoxifu Restaurant; the taste is good, and the portion is large! But it is not recommended for friends who pursue delicacy, this is just a farmhouse restaurant Accommodation I recommend Aijia Qinghai Qili Hotel, I always stay at her house, there is a big discount for booking on Ctrip! The environment is good and close to the sea; before eight in the morning, you can sneak into Tuan Mountain Park from the hotel path, the key is free Transportation It is recommended to drive to this place, the surrounding development is not high, it is more convenient to drive by yourself! If you don't want to drive, it is recommended to go to Bayuquan Mountain and Sea Square, where the transportation will be much more convenient! Play The main attraction here is playing in the sea, bathing in summer, and catching sea creatures all year round! Or sit quietly by the sea and enjoy the sunset, pass by the North Sea Zen Temple, shine into the sea of mulberry fields, and taste all the flavors of life! If you catch a snowy day, there will be another scenery...
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Posted: Jan 2, 2024
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