National Geographic highly recommends! Come to Enshi to enjoy a romantic fairyland

National Geographic recommends the must-visit treasure spots in Enshi with green mountains and rivers, and the dark river in the ground fissure. Everywhere you look is heartwarming green. This is a romantic fairyland at 30° north latitude on Earth, known as the 'Xianbenna of China', Hubei Enshi 💫 ✨ Pingshan Grand Canyon: Full of green 'glass water', after passing through the layers of mountains, you will find that 'the light boat has passed thousands of mountains' 🚣‍♀️ ✨ Enshi Grand Canyon · Yunlong Ground Fissure: Flying waterfalls, strange rocks, cliffs and deep pools, everything has cracks, that's where the light comes in 😮 ✨ Tenglong Cave: There is a huge hot air balloon at the entrance. This is currently the largest karst cave in China and one of the world's top caves. Here you can see the strange scenery of mountains in the cave, caves in the mountains, main caves and branch caves interconnected, and water caves and dry caves connected 🌄 ✨ Enshi Tujia Daughter City: The world's first daughter city, where thousands of people drink bowl-breaking wine. Here you can see beautiful Tujia girls, experience Tujia culture, have another bowl of passionate bowl-breaking wine, smash the worries along with the empty bowl, and be safe ever since 🎉 ✨ Qingjiang Butterfly Cliff: The world's only shocking karst landform of the magical butterfly rock; the 800-li Qingjiang River is picturesque, and the most beautiful river section is in Jingyang 🦋 【Transportation Recommendation】 ✈️ Airplane: Enshi Xujiaping Airport 🚄 High-speed rail/train: Enshi Station It is recommended to book round-trip tickets in advance during the peak season! 🎟️
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Posted: Nov 26, 2023
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