Check out the beautiful scenery of Enshi Pingshan Canyon, the boat ride is a must!

After leaving Enshi Grand Canyon, it took more than three hours by car, and it was dark when we arrived in Hefeng County for check-in. Half an hour by car after breakfast the next day, we arrived at Pingshan Canyon Scenic Area. I have to say, it's really worth it: the ancient paths are winding and secluded; the deep streams surround the side of Pingshan, with steep cliffs hanging in the air all around, rugged rocks standing like they were cut by knives and axes, the terrain is steep, the peaks are stacked, the canyon is deep, the water flow is rapid, it is a natural landscape gallery, the canyon is flowing with clear streams, the towering cliffs on both sides are covered with dense forests, there are many natural waterfalls and pools in the canyon, the scenery is very charming. Walking in the canyon, rowing a boat to feel the water, fully feel the magic and beauty of nature! Highly recommended for a must-visit in Enshi!
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Posted: Jan 18, 2024
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