Exploring Enshi Pingshan Canyon | The scenery comes from the painting, like a secret fairyland, shocking the soul

| The scenery comes from the painting, like a secret fairyland, shocking the soul. Pingshan Canyon 🏡🏡Overview: 😋Pingshan Canyon is located in Rongmei Town, Hefeng County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province. It was formed in the Quaternary glaciation period. It is about 18 kilometers long. The peaks and valleys have a height difference of a kilometer. The narrowest place is only 5 feet. It forms a rare canyon and ground fissure characteristic scenery. The mountain body has various forms, the cliffs around are towering, the natural scenery is strange, beautiful, and dangerous. There are also 39 characteristic scenic spots such as Wangyue Bridge, Ancient Tree House, and Buyun Terrace in the scenic area. 🚗Traffic strategy: 😋Public transportation: Depart from Enshi City, take a large traffic to Enshi Station or Xujia Ping Airport, and then take an inter-county bus to Hefeng Passenger Station at the Passenger Transport Center. The fare is about 60 yuan/person. 😜After arriving at Hefeng Passenger Station, at the old station diagonally across the road, take the Pingshan Village Village Passenger Bus. The fare is 10 yuan/person (at least 6 people are required to start the bus, if you are in a hurry, you can buy a seat). 😛Self-driving: If you choose to drive by yourself, you can directly navigate to "Hefeng Pingshan Canyon" to reach the scenic tourist center. 🕙Opening hours: March 16-October 15, the tourist admission time is 8:00-16:00; October 16-March 15 of the following year, the tourist admission time is 8:30-15:30, everyone pays attention to the time arrangement. 💰Ticket price: Adult ticket 210 yuan/person (including 165 yuan ticket and 45 yuan one-way canyon sightseeing transition boat ticket), soldiers, elderly people, college students and others have relevant preferential policies. ✅Scenic features: 😋1. Pingshan Canyon is a natural landscape, the mountains and clear waters are very beautiful, the canyon cruise experience is also very good, in addition to the cruise, you can also walk the mountain road to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the entire play process requires about a day's time, foreign tourists are advised to book a hotel in advance, this side is a distance from the city, public transportation has a departure time, taxi is not very convenient, need to pay attention. 🍭2. In addition to the scenic area tickets and 45 yuan/person one-way canyon sightseeing boat tickets are mandatory, the rest are optional consumption, the scenery is very beautiful, rest assured to play, there are a variety of self-funded experience projects in the scenic area, the most popular online celebrity check-in experience 20 yuan/person/1-2 minutes, self-partners take pictures of each other, you can bring some water and bread and the like when playing, in order to replenish physical strength. 🤓3. It should be noted that the entrance and exit of the scenic area are not in the same place. After the self-driving tourists finish playing, they need to take a shuttle bus at the exit to return to the A area parking lot to pick up the car. The fare is 10 yuan/person. This distance is pure uphill road. If you walk, it takes about 20-30 minutes. 📌Small Tips: Because it is in the suburbs, the convenience of tourist transportation is general. From Enshi to Hefeng, you can also choose to take a long sedan passenger car or carpool. The cost is 90 yuan/person, which can be picked up and dropped off. You can also take the No. 5 bus to Pingshan Scenic Area in front of Tiande Shopping Plaza on the left hand side of the exit of Hefeng Passenger Station. The fare is 6 yuan/person (only 3 trips a day).
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Posted: Jan 22, 2024
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J Far Away
Hey, Ethan! Do you know how to get to Zhangjiajie from Hefeng?
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