Another Japanese tourist destination in Kyoto that can also give you an atmosphere of the past is Higashiyama District. In addition to the atmosphere of the past that is still very pronounced, a variety of typical Japanese cuisine can also be explored in this popular Japanese tourist area. Many tourist destinations in Japan are interesting to visit. Including the existence of unique cultural tourism destinations. Not infrequently the tourists who come to visit also want to learn about the culture. Therefore must visit the city of Higashiyama. This city is famous as a traditional Japanese city because there are many traditional Japanese buildings in this city. Not only that, the community's traditions are still using traditional Japanese clothing and traditions. Thus, for tourists who want to learn about ancient Japanese culture, it is highly recommended to visit this city. This city, which is famous for the ancient traditions of Japanese society, is located east of the old Kyoto city. Higashiyama is part of the city of Kyoto. Thus, the traditions of the people also adopted some of the traditions of the Kyoto people. Likewise, the shape of the house building has many similarities to the people of Kyoto. Geographically, the city is located halfway between the Kamo river and Mount Higashiyama. Based on the geographical location, this city is a city that has a fertile land area so it is suitable for farming or agriculture. This area is also a district, which is part of Kyoto. #oldarchitecture#historicculture#café#bestislandtraveltowns#culturalattractions#naturalwonders
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