2024 Hong Kong trip finally found the long-lost relaxation

2024's first trip to Hong Kong Still with my bestie, just finished watching the twins concert It's really great!! Feels like I'm back in my youth I feel very emotional and think it's quite romantic. The bestie from my school days Still by my side, everything can go back to the past~ · This time I also booked the Hong Kong Mingyi Meijingge Select Hotel in advance🏠 It's a bit niche in Wan Chai, but the experience is surprisingly nice! The location is very good, downstairs is the citywalk🚶, it's Causeway Bay Suitable for sisters who want to go shopping, it's quite convenient, no need to transfer to the MTR · The interior decoration of the hotel is also good ✨It gives a transparent and bright feeling With warm yellow lights, it adds a few more home atmospheres We stayed in a Japanese tatami room 📷The room is basically floor-to-ceiling windows, 270-degree city view The blue sky and the sun are just right, you can see the Wan Chai city view and the Victoria Harbour Star Ferry Pier Looking at the prosperous scene of Hong Kong Looking down at the people coming and going here 👣Actually, even the fastest city has a slow feeling, right? · The 'Zen' garden in the hotel left a deeper impression This is the so-called urban oasis, really escaped from the noise It's peaceful and calm, quite comfortable☁ If you are on a business trip, you can Have meetings or handle work matters in the shared workspace, the environment is quite good~ · 💓There are also many foods in the hotel TANGRAM Restaurant: Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be chosen Different styles of dishes are available at each time period, like opening a blind box Lobby Lounge: Have English afternoon tea with my bestie The whole quality is full, you can see the sunset at dusk~ Uncle Ming’s Whiskey Bar: Have a light drink at night Chat with my bestie about daily life, the slightly drunk atmosphere Can temporarily forget about work, seriously feel life · If you come to Hong Kong for travel or business You can try this hotel~ Forget the troubles in the bustling city for a while
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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